"My one complaint about him as a boss" - Former AEW star details his experience working for Tony Khan

Is Tony Khan the ideal boss or too similar to Vince McMahon?
Is Tony Khan the ideal boss or too similar to Vince McMahon?
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AEW President Tony Khan seems to be wrestling's sweetheart president, however, former All Elite star Jack Evans recently detailed what he found difficult when working for Khan.

Khan formed AEW back in 2019, and it quickly rose to become what many consider WWE's official competition. Despite a few hiccups along the way, the promotion has remained relevant, with new talent flooding in, and only a handful departing.

During an interview on Two Man Power Trip, Evans broke down his experience with the promotion and his issues with Tony Khan.

“I really liked it. It was a great experience. Tony was a great boss. The only complaint I could ever make about Tony for sure is, he is like the king of last-minute mind changes," Jack Evans said.
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Evans continued, clarifying that Khan has always been fair, noting that he's far different than the stories about Vince McMahon as an employer..

"That would be my one complaint about him as a boss.” said Jack Evans, “But other than that, he was always actually very fair. You always hear the stories about Vince that he has to be the alpha in the room. Tony wasn't like that.” - (H/T: Wrestlingnews.Co)

Numerous former WWE Superstars have often touted how bad their experiences were with Vince McMahon, which largely led to the former CEO having an infamous reputation. While some stars have criticized Tony Khan, he doesn't seem to be half as infamous.

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Jack Evans believes his AEW departure was his own fault, after becoming complacent

Despite signing with All Elite Wrestling back in 2019, when Jack Evans' contract reached its April 2022 expiry date, Tony Khan opted not to re-sign the star. During his run, he mainly tagged with Angélico, and aligned himself with the Hardy/Andrade Family Office.

Shortly after his contract expired, Jack Evans sat down on Insight with Chris Van Vliet and discussed what led to his departure from the promotion.

"It made me soft. Totally no fire, nothing. I used to always practice a little something to keep up on my skills, and I didn't. I went through eight or nine months of nothing. The only exercise I would get was in the ring. After I started getting that salaried money, I turned a bit lazy and I feel it was bad for me and helped speed along in-ring deterioration." (H/T Fightful)
Angelico and Jack Evans had some flashy offensive at #AEWDON! #AEW @AEWrestling

Evans wasn't the last star that AEW parted ways with this year, as the promotion has chopped up their roster quite a bit. But if the star manages to get back on track, could Tony Khan welcome him back someday?

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