"What he is saying is looking at the mirror" - Former ECW Champion on how Stone Cold Steve Austin's life was similar to his (Exclusive)

Stone Cold Steve Austin was a significant part of WWE's Attitude Era
Stone Cold Steve Austin was a significant part of WWE's Attitude Era

Former WWE Superstar Mark Henry has reacted to Stone Cold Steve Austin praising him.

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, The Texas Rattlesnake highlighted that he loved interviewing Henry. Austin also seemed to be a fan of the big man's knowledge and wisdom.

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Mark Henry shed light on the six-time WWE Champion's background.

"Man, I have always loved and respected Steve and I got to know him pretty well. Steve comes a lot from an environment like I did. And when you come from a place of poverty and you make it, you tend to really gravitate the people that had the same struggle as you."

The AEW presenter revealed that Austin's life has been very similar to his, which made the former relate to his struggles.

"And I appreciate him because what he is saying is is looking at the mirror. We may not look alike, we may not practice the same faith, we may not have the same everyday grind but at the end of the day we both struggled here in Texas and came out of poverty, out of bad situations." (3:41 onwards)

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Mark Henry details Stone Cold Steve Austin's reaction when he told him about his family

The two legends started their WWE careers in the mid-1990s and were integral to the promotion's Attitude Era.

When Henry told Stone Cold Steve Austin about his upbringing, the latter was shocked to learn about the similarities between their initial struggles.

"I told him about my family and my upbringing. He said 'Wow man, I can't believe we were running parallel lives.' Steve knows that I am going to be honest. The only way I have known to love and respect me is to know my struggle and where I came from and I am not shy about telling my story." (4:28 onwards)

Mark Henry is currently signed to AEW as a commentator and a coach. He held the WWE World Heavyweight Championship once during his wrestling career and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018.

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