Former WWE Intercontinental Champion needs to join AEW under one condition, Disco Inferno says

Triple H is WWE
Triple H is WWE's Head of Creative [Image Credit: WWE]

Disco Inferno suggested that a top WWE Superstar should re-sign with WWE under one condition. The star being discussed is Ricochet.

The reigning Speed Champion has been showcasing his agility and high-flying skills for years. Despite his top-notch performance, he was never given a proper storyline and was often booked in random matches through the years by the creative team. He has garnered some spotlight recently as he is involved with Bron Breakker and Ilja Dragunov on WWE RAW. Some fans feel this could be a sign of things in the 'Paul Levesque' era and things could change for the star under Triple H.

The One and Only star has been the talk of the town as his WWE contract reportedly expires this year. He signed a five-year deal in 2019 which expires this year. Many have been speculating if The Highlight of the Night will join Tony Khan-led promotion after his contract expires.

While speaking on Keeping It 100 Official, WCW veteran Disco Inferno said that if Ricochet is given double the money from his previous contract, he could head to AEW.

"If Ricochet doubles his money, he might as well go to AEW, then that would work," Disco said. (01:58 - 02:05)

Further, Konnan said the global sports entertainment juggernaut didn't use the star to his potential.

"They don't make stars there. He'll have great bangers with Danielson, Ospreay and Okada. I think, to me, they clipped his wings in WWE and I don't know why. You know me, I am a big fan of high-flying and he was the greatest highflyer since Rey Mysterio and they don't let him [show his potential] there," Konnan said. (02:06 - 02:27)

Veteran thinks Ricochet doesn't draw money for WWE

The Stamford-based promotion has a huge list of superstars on the roster. A veteran believes The Highlight of the Night isn't a draw.

While speaking on Storytime with Dutch Mantell, the veteran said Ricochet isn't a huge star because he cannot cut promos.

I don't think, seriously, and this is not a knock on Ricochet, I don't think you could draw a plug nickel with him. That's an old saying. Because he can't talk," Mantell said.

It remains to be seen if the former Intercontinental Champion switches to another promotion this year.

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