Former WWE star seemingly mocks Keith Lee with a smug message after AEW Rampage

The latest episode of Dynamite had a massive twist!
The latest episode of Dynamite had a massive twist!
Shubhajit Deb

Keith Lee's biggest shock since his time in AEW came earlier this week when his tag team partner betrayed him.

Although 'Swerve in our Glory' was just getting started as a team, the chemistry between Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland had already made them fan favorites. The two former WWE stars had recently been on a dominant run, showcasing a rare combination of raw power and technical finesse.

However, this week's Dynamite saw Strickland stay true to his name and 'swerve' against Lee. In a high-stakes Casino Battle Royale, Swerve seemingly turned on his partner and pushed him over the top rope. While The Limitless One looked understandably enraged, his partner showed no remorse as he slyly smiled back at him.

Strickland recently posted a tweet seemingly taunting his former partner with a picture of the exact moment of the betrayal:

"Scene of the crime"

With 'Swerve in our Glory' now existing in nothing but name, fans must stay tuned to see what happens next.

Fan reactions to the breaking up of the AEW Tag Team were divided

Swerve's turn on Keith Lee is arguably one of the biggest storyline twists fans have seen on AEW recently.

Understandably, the betrayal shocked the audience as much as Lee. The tweet by Stickland seemingly taunting his former partner also drew a lot of attention, with fans chipping in to talk about the new angle.

Most commentators were impressed with the unexpected development and hyped up the upcoming grudge feud.

@swerveconfident @AEW @AEWonTV @AdrianaMPhotos This going to be @RealKeithLee right before the mother of all biels

Others seemed less than happy with the estrangement of the duo, pointing out that their potential as a tag team was wasted.

@swerveconfident @AEW @AEWonTV @AdrianaMPhotos I was really hoping you two would end up as Tag champs before moving on. You guys are so good teamed up.

Whatever happens next is anyone's guess for now. However, one thing is certain: the next time Swerve and Lee come face-to-face in AEW, it won't be all sunshine and daisies.

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