Former WWE Tag Team Champion looks incredibly jacked at 40 years old [PHOTO]

A former WWE tag team champion who is now with AEW showed off his impressive physique
WWE is a Stamford-based wrestling promotion.

Former WWE and current AEW star Matt Sydal showed off his impressive physique in his latest social media post. Sydal, known as Evan Bourne during his time in WWE, was athletic but not muscular back then. However, his latest post has proved he is not one to mess with.

Sydal took to Twitter to post an incredibly jacked photo of himself posing with his legs crossed. If you didn’t know him, it would be virtually impossible to think he is the same Evan Bourne from WWE.

During his time with World Wrestling Entertainment, Sydal was a tag team champion with Kofi Kingston and had great matches with many stars. Due to his diminutive stature, he was mainly seen as a cruiserweight and was involved in matches with many high-flying spots and gravity-defying jumps.

His finishing move, the Air Bourne (shooting star press), was one of the most sought-after moves in WWE and was a hit with the fans each time he performed it on his opponents.

Matt Sydal was involved in one of WWE’s most viral moments

During his time in the WWE, Sydal had some great matches with some of the biggest names, but arguably, one of it not the best moments of his career came in a match with Randy Orton.

As Sydal went to the top rope to hit Orton with a shooting star press, Randy had another plan in his mind and hit an RKO mid-air in what was one of the most viral moments.

In an old interview with Chris Van Vliet, Sydal shed more light on that particular moment and said:

“I fly to the ring, full fire. Kick him in the head and go up and everybody expects the shooting star press. You almost forget that Randy Orton is laid out on the ground. Right when I jump, then they cut to the shot where there is Randy as he is flying up in the air and catches me.”

He also said that Orton did not hesitate when he asked if they could execute that move backstage.

“Yeah. Basically, he did not even hesitate. He was like ‘Oh yeah, that’d be cool,’” Sydal said.

Orton went on to win that match after hitting the RKO and picked up another routine win.

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