Former WWE veteran claims he "could give two s**ts about the Hall of Fame"

WWE Hall of Famers are honored every year at WrestleMania [Photo courtesy of WWE
WWE Hall of Famers are honored every year at WrestleMania [Photo courtesy of WWE's Official Website]

A former WWE veteran was just asked whether he wondered why he was never added to the promotion's Hall of Fame and whether this was long overdue. This would be Christian Cage.

Despite multiple stints and several accolades with the company over the last few decades, Christian has yet to be included in the Hall of Fame. His longtime tag team partner, Adam Copeland (FKA Edge), was inducted in 2012 following his sudden retirement in 2011. Cage has also made a name for himself outside the company, having acclaimed runs in TNA and AEW.

During his panel interview at Steel City Con, a fan claimed that Christian Cage should have been in the WWE Hall of Fame and asked him whether he felt the same and why it has taken so long for this to happen. The Patriarch dismissed the idea and mentioned that he had no care for it. He instead wished to be inducted if a real wrestling hall of fame was established.

"I could give two s**ts about the Hall of Fame. When there actually is a Hall of Fame, let me know. Is there an actual Hall of Fame?" [10:47-10:57]

Christian Cage turns down reuniting with former WWE tag team partner Adam Copeland

During the same panel, Christian Cage was asked about potentially reuniting with his "brother" Adam Copeland somewhere down the road.

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion immediately turned this down and wondered why he would ever team up with him again. He talked about how they just had a long-term feud and it seemed he still held a grudge against Copeland for that.

"Why would I team up with that a**hole? I just beat the s**t out of him for six months straight and now I'm gonna team up with him? No. I'm done carrying him. He's a loser."

The two former best friends are now focusing on other things within AEW after their trilogy of matches for the TNT Championship.

The Rated-R Superstar is currently dealing with the House of Black, while Christian now has a chance to become AEW World Champion after being booked for a title match with Swerve Strickland.

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