"Get him on AEW tomorrow dammit" - Wrestling fans urge Tony Khan to sign another former world champion

Will Tony Khan sign another star to AEW?
Will Tony Khan sign another star to AEW?

The Twitterverse is apparently stoked to see another former world champion potentially being signed to AEW.

Kota Ibushi has been in the pro-wrestling business for around two decades. He has been a part of numerous promotions around the world, most notably NJPW and DDT Pro-Wrestling. Furthermore, he even had a short stint in WWE, but his time there was cut short as he didn't sign a contract with the sports entertainment giant.

Ibushi is especially known for his in-ring skill and technical expertise. He has also been a part of a tag team with one of the most prominent names in AEW, the Japanese star combined with former All-Elite World Champion Kenny Omega to form Goldenβ˜†Lovers. The duo wrestled together in NJPW, gaining popularity during the Bullet Club civil war a few years back.

With news of Ibushi's contract with NJPW expiring, the star is scheduled for a match at GCW. However, he is still not signed anywhere, prompting fans to question whether he will join AEW soon.

@WrestlingCovers If he wants to be a bigger star than he is I think he'd go to WWE. HHH would have had him win the tournament but he didn't want to sign at that time. Plus there's a ton of guys who wrestled for NJPW who could help him. Would be cool to see him in either company tbh.
@WrestlingCovers Hear me out HOB beat The Elite at Revolution. Bucks turn on Omega & Hangman comes for the save... But instead helps the Bucks. Takeshita makes the save but its to much for him que the Kota Ibushi debut. Sets up heel Hungbucks Vs Golder Lovers & Takeshita for DON.
@WrestlingCovers Not exclusively but I hope so.He comes out tonight and challenges Darby after the Joe match please!
@WrestlingCovers Oh it’s gotta happen. No way he turns down the chance to work with his best friend again.
@WrestlingCovers Given his relationship with Kenny Omega I see it happening.
@WrestlingCovers He shows up at revolution. I don't think he will be in states until that time. Booked for bloodsport which is close to revolution and in Cali too
@DrainBamager Get him on AEW tomorrow dammit
@WrestlingCovers Matter of time if you ask me!
@WrestlingCovers No he will be a free agent. But he will prob do few matches for them

Kota Ibushi has previously teased appearing in AEW

Speculation about Kota Ibushi joining Tony Khan's roster is not unfounded, as the star himself has hinted at appearing in the Jacksonville-based promotion someday.

Ibushi has previously stated in a Twitter conversation that he had great hopes for Tony Khan's promotion. The Japanese star also responded to a fan, saying he wanted to share the ring with Hangman Adam Page in the future.

Ibushi's replies on Twitter can be seen below (tweets translated from Japanese to English via Google)

Kota Ibushi says... he wants to come to AEW... for a Golden Lovers reunion? πŸ‘€Also names Hangman as his desirable opponent. Holy crap.

Ibushi had previously faced Hangman Adam Page at the ROH Supercard of Honor XII in 2018. In an intense battle, the Japanese star managed to pick up the victory. It seems the match left an impression on Ibushi, enough for him to want to work with the Anxious Millennial Cowboy again.

As of now, it remains to be seen whether Kota Ibushi will become a part of Tony Khan's roster in the foreseeable future.

Do you want to see Kota Ibushi in AEW at some point? Sound off in the comments section below!

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