"Going back to WWE?" - Wrestling fans explode to wild predictions of Jon Moxley's close associate leaving after seemingly making final AEW Dynamite appearance

Jon Moxley lost the world title to MJF
Jon Moxley lost the world title to MJF.

Fans have exploded into wild predictions regarding a WWE legend's future in AEW after his segment against Jon Moxley on Dynamite. It is none other than William Regal who betrayed the former Dean Ambrose at Full Gear.

The latter defended the AEW World Championship in the main event of the recently concluded pay-per-view. The match was evenly contested, but MJF gained the upper hand when William Regal walked down the ramp and slid in brass knuckles. The Salt of The Earth struck Jon Moxley with the knuckles to pick up the win and capture his first-ever world championship.

On Dynamite, Jon Moxley confronted the former NXT Commissioner, but Bryan Danielson stepped in. He tried to calm his fellow Blackpool Combat Club member down. The three-time AEW World Champion spared Regal of any violence but asked him to run away and never return. Regal obliged, walking toward the tunnel.

It has been reported that William Regal is in the last year of his contract, despite joining Tony Khan's company in 2022. This prompted many fans to wonder if tonight was the end of his run in the Jacksonville-based company and if this was a way to write him off. Some even believe he is on his way back to WWE.

Check out the reactions below:

Was that a way to write William Regal off TV? Going back to WWE? #AEWDynamite
So William Regal back to WWE?I don't know how else I was supposed to read that other than he's actually gone.
William Regal to WWE confirmed?? #AEWDynamite
The rumor is regal only signed a one year contract with AEW.Now that HHH is in charge of WWE creative.William Regal is returning to WWE.…
Triple H being in charge, Regal's kid getting a push and Regal dissolving the BCC. Put the puzzle pieces together.
@TonyKhan maybe don't see it, but William Regal will be who takes MJF out of #AEW and bring him to WWE Remeber the Conspiracy theories about spies in the WCW vs WWE era? Chris Jericho talking with McMahon secretly, he still being a WCW wrestler? Be cafeful Tony! #AEWDynamite
@ringsidenews_ William Regal's contract must be up in @AEW
Is that it for William Regal in AEW?Rumours are that his contract ends soon. Jon Moxley told him to run and never come back. Could be the way to write out Regal. #AEW #AEWDynamite #JonMoxley #Wrestling #WrestlingCommunity
William Regal runs from Moxley while he has no backup and people take that as he's leaving?Like, what?#AEWDynamite

It remains to be confirmed whether this was indeed Regal's last appearance on All Elite Wrestling programming. He could also return next week with MJF to confront the BCC and reveal his reasons for the Full Gear betrayal. However, nothing is confirmed.

What was your reaction to Regal leaving Dynamite? Sound off in the comments below.

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