"Gotta give this man so much credit" - Twitterverse riles up in debate over former AEW Champion Chris Jericho's multiple gimmicks

Chris Jericho was recently praised by fans
Chris Jericho was recently praised by fans

Former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho's ability to reinvent himself has seemingly led to a debate on which of his recent runs is better.

Ever since joining Tony Khan's roster, the former WWE Superstar has made it his priority to stay relevant at all times. Although he started as the babyface leader of the Inner Circle and "Le Champion," he has changed gimmicks multiple times within three years.

A few months ago, Jericho turned heel by attacking his stablemates of the Inner Circle, thereby creating the Jericho Appreciation Society. While he initially chose the gimmick of a wizard, he switched tracks after winning the ROH World Championship and adopted the moniker of the Ocho.

The Ocho symbolizes his eighth World Championship reign. As part of this gimmick, he has been exceptionally active in the ring over the last few months, taking it upon himself to battle various young and veteran stars.

Comparisons between his Le Champion run, and the Ocho (aka "Honor is Jericho") storylines recently surfaced on social media. Fans took to arguing on both sides of the debate.

Below are some of those reactions:

@MannyTheHooper Strong disagree. Main reasons prefer inner circle felt like a more planned out faction, as opposed to the jas which only strategy seems to be hey let’s get as many people in here as possible and say the words sports entertainer a bunch. Just my take tho.
@MannyTheHooper Le Champion segments >Ring of Jericho matches >
@MannyTheHooper LeChampion was better
@MannyTheHooper Gotta give this man so much credit for basically never doing the same thing twice
@MannyTheHooper Jericho was untouchable as LeChampion, him and inner circle had great segments in the early days of dynamite
@MannyTheHooper Even for me right now, after Final Battle it’ll probably be Honor Is Jericho if he beats Claudio
@MannyTheHooper Gawd I hope Claudio doesn’t win at Final battle ! Jericho is on a masterful run right now!.
@MannyTheHooper Ion mind him winning against csro cause the nostalgia in me wanna see him nd Jake but his reign is definitely respectable
@MannyTheHooper I disagree. Judas was legendary
@MannyTheHooper Nah, LeChampion was better imho

With Chris Jericho now the ROH World Champion, only time will tell what else he will achieve in AEW in the coming months.

AEW star Chris Jericho is scheduled to face a former WWE Superstar soon

Despite winning the ROH World Title from Claudio Castagnoli after a tough match, Jericho has decided to grant another title shot to the former WWE star.

The match between them has a high-stakes stipulation. If Castagnoli loses the match, he will have no choice but to leave the BCC and join JAS as a "sports entertainer."

.@ClaudioCSRO gets another shot at the #ROH World Championship! But if he loses, there WILL be HUGE implications!Watch #AEWRampage: Black Friday on TNT!

With the two stars set to face at the Final Battle pay-per-view, who comes out on top remains to be seen.

Do you like Chris Jericho's AEW run more than his WWE one? Sound off in the comments below!

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