"I wasn't doing drugs or anything" - Chris Jericho recalls suspicious incident which left him in a daze

Chris Jericho
The Ring of Honor World Champion Chris Jericho

Throughout his 32-year wrestling career, Chris Jericho has a lot of fun and interesting tales to tell of his past, but there are very few that can be as crazy, scary, and strange as this incident. The ROH World Champion revealed that he missed three hours during a ride back home, and to date, he doesn't know what happened.

Jericho can act, sing, and wrestle exceptionally well. He has shared several stories from his wrestling and acting career. However, his latest tale has made fans nervous about his health.

Chris Jericho was a guest during the latest episode of Howie Mendell Does Stuff podcast. On the show, The Ocho shared that he had time displacement as he had no memory of three hours. The ROH World Champion also clarified that he did not take drugs or drink and suspects it was an alien abduction.

"I’ve had time displacement. It’s when you can’t account for a certain stretch of time. It’s when you get like abducted. I was driving home on a country road and it should have taken me about an hour to get home, and instead of getting home at 2 AM, I got home at 5 AM. I still don’t know what happened... I wasn't drinking, I wasn't doing drugs or anything. There is just a big chunk of time missing. I should probably go to a hypnotist and see what happened," Chris Jericho said. [1:08:43-1:09:15]

Chris Jericho wrestled a Japanese legend on AEW Dynamite this week

This past Wednesday on AEW Dynamite, The Ocho was in the main event against Japanese legend Tomohiro Ishii.

The match was for the ROH World title. Both stars put on a stellar performance, and The Ocho retained his title at the end of the night.

#AndStill! #ROH World Champion @IAmJericho retains the title after an absolutely physical battle against #TomohiroIshii, but former #ROH World Champ has a message for #TheOcho!What a night of action it has been on #AEWDynamite LIVE on TBS! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

After the match, Jericho went to the announcers' desk and looked to take out the Ring of Honor commentator Ian Riccaboni but was stopped by Claudio Castagnoli. It seems like The Swiss Cyborg has unfinished business with Jericho since the latter won the world title from him.

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