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"I feel that I was instrumental in his career" - AEW's Tony Schiavone on his relationship with Chris Jericho

In the latest edition of AEW Unrestricted, Tony Schiavone goes in-depth about his relationship with Chris Jericho.
In the latest edition of AEW Unrestricted, Tony Schiavone goes in-depth about his relationship with Chris Jericho.
Matt Black
Modified 08 Jan 2021, 07:38 IST

The friendship between AEW's Tony Schiavone and Chris Jericho dates back to the time when both men were working for WCW. The respect that these two have for one another is evidently clear every time they are on-screen interacting with each other on AEW Dynamite.

On this week's edition of AEW Unrestricted, host and AEW referee Aubrey Edwards spoke with Schiavone about a variety of topics. When the subject of "Le Champion" came up, the AEW announcer had plenty of nice things to say about his long time friend.

"Well, look, I've known Chris for a long long time I feel that I was instrumental in his career because he came to WCW in the 90s, and, you know, I was there when he first started with us and he went on to be a major star. I told Chris this many times. 'Chris, you were the first unified world champion that WWE ever had'. And he says, 'Yeah, but you do understand that night I won the title I wasn't the main event it was Hogan and Rock?' and I said, 'It doesn't matter, they cannot take that away from you. Of all the people, and I know it was an angle I get it with Mr. McMahon, but I said, the one thing they can never take away from you, you were the first unified champion between WCW and WWE, and he said 'Yeah, I get that." said Schiavone.

While Schiavone is getting his WWE history a bit mixed up the point remains the same. Jericho has achieved a lot in the wrestling industry and it will be hard fr anyone to replicate the success achieved by the former AEW Champion.

AEW's Tony Schiavone compares Chris Jericho to Diamond Dallas Page

Schiavone went on to say that he believes the effort that Jericho puts into his character is a lot like what Diamond Dallas Page used to do back in WCW.

"I realized what a big star he is, and also realize how much he thinks and cares about the business and puts an effort in his character. I wish everybody did. That's not slight on anybody but I think to me Chris Jericho is kind of like Diamond Dallas Page was back in the day he's always thinking about what can I do to make myself better, or come up with an angle. So I started and Tony Khan loved it he said you and Jericho was just tremendous and I felt that we did have a great relationship and we did have a great working relationship, and I like to think I can work with anybody because I never fight for broadcast time. I never fight to try to get my quote unquote, s*** in, I never try to do that. Chris Jericho is Chris Jericho he's a big star they want to hear him talk, and only thing I need to do basically everything I need to do Aubrey is welcome everybody back, call the 123 and pitch to a break. That's basically all I need to do, Chris Jericho can fill it up all the time." said Schiavone.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit AEW Unrestricted with an h/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.

Published 08 Jan 2021, 07:38 IST
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