"I just wanted a hug" - Maria Kanellis clarifies her intention behind confronting AEW star

Maria Kanellis is the former 24/7 champion
Maria Kanellis is the former 24/7 champion

Maria Kanellis created quite the buzz during the Death Before Dishonor ROH World Tag Team Championship match with AEW star Chuck Taylor.

The match featured The Lucha Brothers defending their championship against Best Friends, Aussie Open, and The Kingdom. Best Friends, known for their heartwarming hug during the match was interrupted by Maria Kanellis, who stepped onto the ring apron to distract Taylor, one-half of the Best Friends duo.

Kanellis seemed eager to partake in their hug, urging AEW star Chuck Taylor to embrace her instead. However, to her surprise, Trent Beretta also appeared on the apron, prompting Chuck to hug his partner Trent instead of Maria.

After the match, Maria took to Twitter to clarify her intentions saying she just wanted a hug.

"I just wanted a hug….," Maria tweeted.

However, the match saw Aussie Open winning the ROH World Tag Team Titles. It will be interesting to see how this win impacts the tag team division in Ring of Honor.

Maria Kanellis recalls the infamous WWE match

Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis recently reminisced about a memorable pudding match involving Candice Michelle and Melina. The match, which took place on June 3, 2007, at One Night Stand show, featured the two Divas battling it out in a pool of chocolate pudding.

Reflecting on the historic moment, Maria praised the resilience of the women involved and their impact on changing the industry.

".Just a reminder of the resilience of a group of women that had a major impact on changing the industry. We worked with what we had. We fought for more time. We built characters out of nothing all in tiny dresses and stilettos. We were tough. Giggling and smiling past inappropriate comments so we could make space. We did not like the spot we were in but it was all we had. So we made the most of it. To all of the women I had the pleasure of working with in that time, thank you, I love you, and I respect the undeniable strength you had to have," Maria tweeted.

Despite Candice Michelle emerging as the winner by making Melina tap out, the aftermath saw Maria conducting an interview with Candice before Melina attacked her.

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