"I was very, very upset" - AEW star on Brock Lesnar squashing WWE Smackdown superstar in 7 seconds

Brock Lesnar is a multi-time world champion
Brock Lesnar is a multi-time world champion

Brock Lesnar has been booked as a monster throughout his WWE career. One of the biggest demonstrations of his dominance came against Kofi Kingston when The Beast Incarnate won in mere seconds.

The main event of SmackDown's FOX debut episode saw the former UFC star challenge Kofi Kingston for the world title. Brock Lesnar made short work of his opponent, delivering an F5 right as the match started. Within 7 seconds, we had a new champion.

On FTR with Dax Harwood, the former WWE RAW Tag Team Champion commented on his reaction to The New Day member getting squashed by Brock Lesnar.

"I was very, very upset. I remember that I texted Kofi and it was actually as a group text with the three of us and the three of them, the New Day and myself and Dan. And I apologized to him and I said I'm so sorry this happened to you, man. We're so upset. I can't believe this is for real, not because of anything with Brock, but how much we had worked and how hard he had worked to get to this point. Especially when we were working with him, with Randy. I saw him outside of Vince's office, he'd go into Vince's office every single week to try to make things better, to try to make his championship run better." (0:20 - 1:12)
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Brock Lesnar squashing Kofi Kingston on WWE SmackDown broke Dax's heart

Dax Harwood went on to explain how heartbreaking it was to see Kofi Kingston lose to Brock Lesnar. He defended Kofi and his title reign, praising the former champion for his efforts.

"He worked so hard to be a great champion and I think a lot of people, you know, maybe they think, ohh man, his championship run wasn't successful because you know, whatever, it wasn't for a lack of trying because I saw him every week, man, try his damnedest to make something of nothing and it broke all of our hearts, you know, the whole locker room, it broke all of our hearts, not anything to do with Brock, but because Kofi had worked so hard and seeing someone work so hard for so long to get this opportunity taken away from him," Dax Harwood said. (1:13 - 2:18)
@IWCBookingBot This is gonna be more depressing than Brock vs Kofi

Dax Harwood will be taking a hiatus from wrestling for the foreseeable future. With FTR's contracts expiring in April, it will be interesting to see if they stay in AEW or return to WWE.

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