"Is it confirmed??" - Twitter reacts to wild predictions about AEW star CM Punk's WWE return at Royal Rumble 2023

Will CM Punk return to WWE soon?
Will CM Punk return to WWE soon?

The Twitterverse recently erupted with predictions of AEW star CM Punk finally making his return to WWE in the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event this year.

CM Punk has been a controversial figure in the pro-wrestling business for years. His departure from WWE in 2014 stemmed from various issues with the management. Furthermore, Punk was fired from the Promotion on the same day as his wedding, leading to a deeper rift between him and the company.

The Second City Saint's status as a controversial star was further cemented after his outburst at the All Out media scrum last year. The subsequent brawl resulted in him getting suspended, alongside a number of other stars. He has been away from the pro-wrestling business ever since, only appearing sparingly on other occasions.

With the Royal Rumble PLE right around the corner, fans recently started speculating about Punk potentially returning to the Stamford-based Promotion. Here are some of the social media reactions:

he’s coming!!
@heeIusos He is but you’d have to wait a long time pal
@heeIusos Is it confirmed??
@heeIusos Punk is still signed to aew. So no.
@heeIusos I’ll start watching again
@heeIusos If he does Punk's WWE's problem
@heeIusos Not gonna happen. Every criticism he had about them in 2011 when he sat on the ramp is still true. Doesn't make sense for him to back to the place that killed his first love
@heeIusos Wouldn't want that clown anywhere near back the WWE

A WWE Executive also commented on the possibility of AEW star CM Punk making a return

It seems that WWE veteran Road Dogg also believes that Punk's return to the Stamford-based Promotion is possible, as evidenced by his recent comments.

While the D-Generation X member has criticized the Straight Edge Superstar in the past, he recently conceded that the latter was a ''needle mover'' in an episode of the Oh...You Didn't Know podcast. He also explained why Punk could be a part of Triple H's roster in the future.

"Never say never with these guys," he said in an "Oh...You Didn't Know" live exclusive. "They will give you a second chance. [WWE] will give you an opportunity if it's business savvy, and bringing him back might be. The reason it might be is because he's a needle mover." [H/T Wrestling Inc]
At least we got to see CM Punk and Jon Moxley team up once in AEW 🥲

As of now, only time will tell what the future holds for CM Punk.

Do you think CM Punk could make his return at the Royal Rumble event? Sound off in the comments section below!

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