Two top AEW stars reportedly barged into CM Punk's dressing room with "cops" after All Out media scrum rant; new details emerge

Will the Chicago native return to AEW?
Will the Chicago native return to AEW?

There are always two sides to every story. So it was, with the notoriously alleged backstage melee between CM Punk and The Elite that went down at the AEW All Out media scrum.

Since the incident, wrestling fans have heard different stories from both camps, which has left everyone wondering over what exactly happened that night.

Tony Khan hasn't been transparent about the situation, though his mannerisms in recent interviews have more or less confirmed the backstage heat in the AEW locker room.

Speaking on the Keepin It 100 podcast, Konnan reported that The Young Bucks never saw The Straight Edge Superstar's rant about the EVPs themselves, and that it was someone else who told them about the media scrum which led to all hell breaking loose.

The WCW veteran also added that Nick and Matt Jackson barged into CM Punk's dressing room with cops, which instigated the fight:

"From what I understand, The Young Bucks never saw the interview. Somebody told them about it. When they told them about it, they went running to the dressing room with these cops. (Konnan was asked if they were cops or the AEW security and Konnan said whichever one and he wasn’t sure as he didn’t ask). They busted in there and Punk thought he was going to get attacked so he punched one of The Young Bucks. When he punched one of The Young Bucks, obviously his brother got involved and his (Punk’s) trainer, Ace Steel, got on his (The Young Bucks') brother and then Omega cross-faced him," Konnan said. (h/t -

The veteran also learned that The Young Bucks didn't intend to fight The Second City Saint when they busted his locker room door:

"When he cross-faced him, this guy bit him. I guess there was a fu**ing dog in there, Punk’s dog. He was in there and Omega was trying to pick up the dog. He’s seeing his friend getting beat up. They initially were only going to come in and say, ‘Hey, what the f*ck’, but Punk thought they were going to get attacked, so he defended himself," he added.

What's next for CM Punk in AEW?

CM Punk has long been rumored to be wanting out of his AEW contract, as the two parties were negotiating a buyout a few weeks ago.

However, Tony Khan is yet to send release papers to the Chicago native amid rumors of potential WWE interest in Punk.

With The Elite's constant reference to CM Punk in weekly programming, there's also wild speculation about the company planting seeds for a riveting future program.

Dax Harwood talks about CM Punk's presence in the #AEW locker room.

It will be interesting to see whether The Straight Edge Superstar sits out for the remainder of his AEW contract or if the two sides bury the hatchet.

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