"The worst segment I have ever seen on wrestling television" - Jim Cornette comments on controversial segment from AEW Dynamite

The wrestling veteran is outspoken when it comes to wrestling
The wrestling veteran is outspoken when it comes to wrestling

Jim Cornette recently shared his honest thoughts about the Varsity Blonds-House of Black segment from last week's episode of AEW Dynamite.

The Malakai Black-led stable interrupted a promo by Brian Pillman Jr., who had Griff Garrison and Julia Hart on his side. The former NXT Champion attempted to lure Hart to his faction's side by handing her a chair to attack Garrison. However, the 20-year-old performer stepped back at the last moment, leading to an angry Malakai Black tearing her eye patch.

The segment was far from well-received by fans, as the story involving House of Black and Varsity Blonds started months ago before being forgotten, only to be kickstarted yet again.

Speaking on his podcast the Jim Cornette Experience, the wrestling veteran blasted the segment, saying that it was the worst segment he has ever seen in the history of the business.

He added that Brian Pillman Jr. did his best to inject life into his promo but failed due to weak material and "rotten" creative.

"This was the worst segment I have ever seen on wrestling television because there was no redeeming value to this. This material was so horrible that nobody cared. Anybody who came up with this story should be sent away to prison. There's no punishment too heinous. Nobody should have been forced to watch this. You send the kid [Brian Pillman Jr] to tell this story, which is hokey b****t. He tried so hard that he ended up screaming and squeaking, trying to put his soul into it for the rotten creative," said Cornette. [0:20 - 3:20]

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Jim Cornette is not a fan of AEW stable House of Black

Even in the past, the former WWE manager has expressed his disdain for the Malakai Black-led stable in All Elite Wrestling.

Just last week, Cornette stated that House of Black functioned under darkness because they didn't want people to get a close look at them and realize that they "suck." Jim Cornette added that the stable was trying to sell a "sub-standard product" under the garb of subdued lighting.

"Maybe this is why they're constantly in the dark, because they know that it sucks and they don't want people to get a good close look at it so that's why they're always in the dark. Let's cover that s**t up, don't... Here you're trying to sell this sub-standard product, control the lighting, subdued lighting," said Cornette.
Will @TheJuliaHart align with the House of Black or stick with the Varsity Blonds? #AEWDynamite

Considering that the Death Triangle came to the rescue of Varsity Blonds on Dynamite, it'll be interesting to see how this story pans out in the coming weeks.

Do you agree with Jim Cornette's take on the Varsity Blonds' segment with House of Black? Sound off in the comments section below.

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