"I can see them making him an offer" - Jim Cornette suggests WWE could be interested in a surprising AEW name

Jim Cornette may have surprised a few with his pick.

Jim Cornette has boldly suggested that WWE may want to pick up AEW star Kenny Omega.

Omega might be the biggest name in wrestling that has yet to make a splash in WWE. The former AEW World Champion was a part of their developmental system in Deep South Wrestling. He eventually left and found his calling in Japan with DDT and then NJPW.

Jim Cornette may not be an avid supporter of Omega, but that didn't stop the former promoter from admitting that WWE would likely take an interest in The Cleaner.

He explained during the Jim Cornette Experience:

"I can see them going after MJF, I can see the WWE being helluva interested in Wardlow [sic]. I can see WWE being completely interested in Powerhouse Hobbs," said Cornette. "I can even see, okay for the s**ts and giggles let's see if we can get Omega away from them maybe if, you know, either he'll listen to us and make the changes we want him to make because at least he looks like an athlete and maybe some of our guys can get something out of him or we've taken him away from the competition and they don't have him." (1:04:45-1:05:19)

Cornette also earmarked MJF, Powerhouse Hobbs, and Wardlow as potential recruits. All three previously tried out for WWE unsuccessfully: Hobbs and Wardlow in standard Performance Center Try-Outs and MJF via Tough Enough.

Jim Cornette also claimed that the AEW EVP wouldn't last long in WWE

Despite his initial claims, Cornette went further to say that The Cleaner would have a "nervous breakdown" in WWE:

"You know he'll have a nervous breakdown in that locker room in three months but I can see them making him an offer." (1:05:19-1:05:25)

Many believe Kenny could have been a bonafide WrestleMania main eventer. Not only did Omega have a stint with the promotion's developmental territory, but the promotion reportedly showed interest in him towards the end of 2018 when his deal with New Japan expired.

Do you think Kenny Omega could fit in well with WWE? Who would be your dream opponent for the AEW star? Let us know in the comments section below.

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