"He's a f***ing embarrassment" - Jim Cornette criticizes former AEW World Champion's wrestling style, advises him to get a new profession

Jim Cornette breaks out some harsh pills!
Jim Cornette breaks out some harsh pills!

Former WWE personality Jim Cornette has taken some harsh shots at Kenny Omega for his wrestling style. He wished the injured AEW star would stay away from the industry and pick a new profession instead.

Omega last competed on AEW programming at the Full Gear show in November 2021, where he lost to Hangman Page. Suffering from nagging injuries such as a torn labrum, a hernia, and knee problems, The Cleaner had multiple procedures to correct these issues. With no set timeline to return, the former AEW World Champion is still on the path to recovery.

Former WWE manager Jim Cornette seems to be hoping that he'll stay gone. On a recent episode of Jim Cornette's Drive Thru, he voiced his take on Omega's injuries and what caused them:

"Maybe he should've thought of that before he started doing all the goofy s*** where he dives out of the ring like a f***ing whooping crane and just lands willy-nilly wherever and all this other stuff," said Cornette. "I don't wish that he should injure himself, I just think he should take this time off to reflect on his profession and get a new one so that we don't have to watch him anymore." (03:29 - 03:55)

Cornette didn't hold anything back as he further shared his wish to never witness Omega again on wrestling television:

"So I don't wish him ill, but as far as, am I crossing my fingers we don't have to watch him on wrestling television again? Yes! Cause he's a f***ing embarrassment," he added. (04:16 - 04:27)
Hangman Page vs. Kenny Omega at AEW Full Gear is a MASTERPIECE. ENOUGH SAID.

Jim Cornette believes Kenny Omega sucks at wrestling, mocks his fondness of video games

Taking a hiatus officially ended Omega's run as the "Belt Collector" that had produced title reigns in AEW, AAA and IMPACT. After dropping the AEW World Championship to Hangman, The Cleaner vacated the AAA Mega Championship at the end of 2021.

While recovering from his injuries, Omega has been actively involved in the development of the AEW: Fight Forever video game.

The Belt Collector Kenny Omega revelling in all his gold. You love to see it.

During the same podcast, Cornette took several shots at Omega's fondness of video games. He offered his two cents on Omega's wrestling prowess and mocked his love for console games:

"I don't want him suffering any pain," said Cornette. "You know what? He could be the richest video game developer in the world and just develop video games out the sphincter constantly, and I would just be happy as a clam for him as long as he isn't involved in the wrestling business, which he sucks at." (03:55 - 04:16)

Kenny Omega remains one of the top stars in AEW, as he helped build the promotion back in 2019. Fans are quite eager for The Cleaner to heal and return to the ring soon. Time will tell what his future holds.

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