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Jim Cornette takes possible shots at AEW's controversial dance and musical number

Chris Jericho and MJF in AEW
Chris Jericho and MJF in AEW
Modified 22 Oct 2020, 18:40 IST

Jim Cornette is known for being a wrestling traditionalist and his opinions are often controversial for the extreme criticism that he can level at stars. AEW has often come under criticism from Jim Cornette and he has spared them no space for the manner in which their shows differ from his views of what wrestling should be. However, there are still some wrestlers in AEW that Jim Cornette does not hate, and in fact, seemed to admire. While FTR's Dash Wilder and Cash Wheeler are certainly two of them, another wrestler who has consistently received praise from Jim Cornette, is AEW's MJF.

However, following this week's episode of AEW Dynamite, Jim Cornette did not spare MJF's feelings as he took to Twitter to let his thoughts on the MJF and Chris Jericho dance number be known.

MJF is known for being a heel and sticking to his gimmick at all times, and Cornette has praised him in the past. Jim Cornette even called MJF's 'State of Wrestling' address the best seven minutes in AEW's televised content.

"But this was even good for him. It was seven minutes and he never stopped and it didn't get old, he didn't flummox anything, great delivery, all the things you expect from MJF verbally. Tremendous content, the inflections, the facial expressions. I can see why my Twitter blew up. 'Did you write this for him?' No, I didn't! I don't know if I could have written it this good. I certainly could not have delivered it like this."

Jim Cornette takes shots at AEW's musical dance number

On this week's AEW Dynamite, Chris Jericho and MJF broke out into a song and dance number suddenly during their dinner, something that Jim Cornette, or the wrestling fans, were not at all happy about.


Jim Cornette made his displeasure apparent in his Tweet. This might not be the last time that fans hear from Jim Cornette about the segment.

"I'd like to issue a public apology for being wrong--you know about who. Suffice to say I'll not be complimenting ANY current wrestlers again--even if they display talent/potential, they'll inevitably sacrifice self-respect & go the mud show route to get along with their playmates."
Published 22 Oct 2020, 18:40 IST
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