"It can't go two years" - Jim Cornette weighs in on top AEW star wanting to leave for WWE

Jim Cornette during a shoot interview
Jim Cornette during a shoot interview
Sam Palmer

Former WWE manager Jim Cornette has weighed in with his thoughts on the current contract situation surrounding MJF. Stating that while Friedman deserves more money, the drama can't be stretched out over two years.

It has become public knowledge in recent weeks that MJF is at a crossroads in his AEW career. Announcing that he is happy to walk away from the company when his contract expires in 2024 if he doesn't get more money.

"The bidding war of 2024" has even been mentioned by Friedman on AEW TV, and has got many fans wondering. Is this a real-life situation being discussed in the open, or is it just another part of MJF's character?

"You don't want me to talk about 2024? That's ok. Neither does the guy in the back." -MJF 😂😂😂#AEWDynamite

The wrestling veteran knows MJF deserves more from his contract, but can't let the drama drag itself out for two years. As fans will most likely grow tired of hearing about it. Whichever one it is, Jim Cornette has had this say recently on The Jim Cornette Experience:

“It can’t go two years or then people are get like ‘you know what we don’t really care anymore, we’re tired of it.’ And then if he doesn’t have-if MJF doesn’t have the sentiment of the people on his side it would be harder. Because right now he’s the put upon f***** star that’s creating great television and apparently not getting compensated for it, while all these other j*** off’s that had EVP’s that were friends going ‘oh he’s great’ well they’re getting 750 grand to f***** diddle around on YouTube.” [11:07-11:42].

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Jim Cornette has sung the praises of MJF multiple times

Despite rarely having anything positive to say about AEW, Cornette is a known fan of Maxwell Jacob Friedman. He has lavished praise on the young star many times in the past for his promo skills, in-ring psychology, and his character work.

“how long did this take?”“maybe five hours” thanks mjf…

On the same episode of The Jim Cornette Experience during his weekly review of AEW Dynamite, Cornette called MJF's segment with Wardlow the best on the show. Stating that MJF has played a big part in people wanting to purchase AEW's next pay-per-view Double or Nothing.

Cornette regularly showered MJF's feud with CM Punk with praise. Proclaiming that for a while, it was the only thing on AEW TV that made any sense. Proof that good professional wrestling can still draw.

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