"You can get overexposed very easily" - Jim Ross points out major concern over AEW's use of championships

Jim Ross is currently signed to AEW
Jim Ross is currently signed to AEW

Former WWE commentator Jim Ross has voiced his concerns over the number of titles represented in AEW.

The Jacksonville-based promotion currently has eight championships - the AEW World Championship, AEW All-Atlantic Championship, AEW TNT Championship, FTW Championship, AEW Tag Team Championships, the upcoming AEW Trios Titles, AEW Women’s World Championship, and the AEW TBS Championship. The latest amongst them is the AEW Trios Championship, which is yet to have an inaugural winner.

Recently on his Grilling JR podcast, the 70-year-old explained that the company needs to be careful with their introduction of new belts.

“We’re facing that right now in AEW with the Six-Man titles. I just believe that you have to be very careful on how many titles are represented on your television. You can get overexposed very easily." [H/T to]

Jim Ross also mentioned that the number of titles is indirectly proportional to the value of each of the championships.

“I don’t know. I don’t want to belittle anybody for their opportunities to earn a championship, earn more money, earn a bigger place on the roster and all those things. I don’t. I just think you have to be very careful in how many titles they have. I just think the more you have, the less most of them mean.” [H/T to]

Jim Ross feels AEW now has a bigger challenge than ever before

The use of titles is not the only thing that concerns Jim Ross, who is currently signed to AEW.

Speaking on the Grilling JR podcast, he opined that the recent backstage issues related to the roster have made Tony Khan's job more difficult than ever.

“I don’t know that, as a booker, that Tony Khan has had a bigger…these next few weeks, the last week and the weeks leading through the pay-per-view, he’s never had any bigger challenge to him than that. What do you do? I’m anxious to see what the brain trust comes up with as far as creative is concerned. I have confidence that he will, but they have a lot of options, a lot of ways to go." [H/T: InsideTheRopes]
This dude can do whatever the hell he wants as far as I’m concerned. #CMPunk #wwe #Wrestling

With Triple H now in charge of WWE's creative, the company has seen some freshness and there have been talks of several wrestlers wanting to work with him. Tony Khan, on the other hand, recently saw big stars like MJF and CM Punk create tensions.

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