"A sh**ty wrestler is what you are" - Former WWE personality hits back hard at Kenny Omega after his recent comments

Kenny Omega is currently sidelined due to injury
Kenny Omega is currently sidelined due to injury

Kenny Omega was recently criticized by Jim Cornette after his latest comments on the latter.

During an appearance on CEOGaming's Twitch channel, Omega briefly spoke about Cornette's podcast and jokingly noted the veteran was playing a character. He also highlighted that the wrestling legend seeks validity by making harsh comments about other performers.

During the most recent episode of The Jim Cornette Experience, the former WWE manager lambasted The Cleaner for his involvement in the wrestling business.

“You ruined a pastime, a hobby, an interest and entertainment that a lot of us had, and some of us [had] professionally, for decades and decades, because it’s just so silly and phoney and stupid and illogical. And you’ve made wrestling something to be laughed at and you admit that it should be fun, we should all laugh and have fun at the silliness,” Cornette said.
My hero. Kenny Omega.

Cornette also compared his stint in professional wrestling with that of Kenny Omega:

“So Kenny, you’ve been on TV in this country for three years? I’ve been on TV in this country most of the time for the past 40 years. You’re an insufferable tw*t, a douc****g and a sh*tty wrestler is what you are. So embrace it! And because that’s what your friends are, too, they should embrace that as well.” (H/T: Inside The Ropes)

The animosity between Jim Cornette and Omega seems far from over after the former's recent statement.

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Tony Khan is optimistic that Kenny Omega will eventually fully recover from his long-term injuries

Kenny Omega has been sidelined from active competition since his AEW World Championship match against Hangman Page at the Full Gear event in 2021.

During an interview with The New York Post, Tony Khan briefly touched on Omega's injury recovery journey.

"In Kenny Omega’s case, he carried the load through more injuries than probably anyone I’ve seen in terms of working through a sustained period and still having great matches in the ring, and also doing great box office for the company as a great champion. I think it’s gonna go well. I think he’s gonna be OK. I don’t know when and I’m optimistic." (H/T: NewYorkPost)

As of now, there is no timeline for The Cleaner's return to the squared circle. It will be interesting to see if he makes his comeback before the year ends.

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