"Looks like a teenager" - Konnan pokes fun at female AEW star by comparing her to WWE Superstar Aliyah

Rising AEW star compared with Aliyah!
Rising AEW star compared with Aliyah!

WCW veteran Konnan dissected AEW star Skye Blue's accompanying Dante Martin to the ring on Rampage, stating that she reminded him of WWE Superstar Aliyah.

Sky Blue isn't a regular in AEW programming but she has appeared several times in the promotion. Skye made her debut appearance on the April 7, 2021, edition of Dark Elevation. She wrestled several times on AEW Dark following that.

She has wrestled female stalwarts like Serena Deeb and Dr. Britt Baker. The Chicago-native has done well in the few Dynamite and Rampage outings she has gotten so far.

More recently, Skye Blue accompanied Dante Martin against Sammy Guevara with Tay Conti at ringside. It's noteworthy that Skye and Dante are real-life partners, validating her presence in the latter's corner at Rampage this week.

On the Keepin' It 100 podcast, Konnan opined that Skye Blue failed to stand out in her Rampage appearance:

"She (Blue) looked like she was 11. I was like 'this is your backup' (Dante)?" said Konnan. (6.40-6.44)

The WCW legend felt that the 22-year-old reminded him of former NXT Superstar Aliyah:

"Let me just say this about Dante Martin. That was probably the best promo he ever did because he never says anything. That girl (Blue) reminded me a lot of like the one that's in SmackDown, that Aliyah, one that looks like a teenager," he added. (6.58-7.13)
Dante Martin will have his lady Skye Blue by his side on his match tonight against Sammy Guevara!!#AEWDynamite #FightForTheFallen

Skye Blue is far from Aliyah's level of fame, as depicted by Disco Inferno

Apart from sharing the same Canadian heritage, both Skye Blue and Aliyah started on the independent circuit. The latter spent 3 years in small promotions before earning a WWE contract in 2015.

Skye began wrestling in 2017 and established herself as one of the brightest indie stars. Although she made it to AEW, Tony Khan is yet to sign her as a full-time wrestler.

Many fans didn't recognize Skye Blue, given her sporadic appearances on AEW. Dante Martin dating her wasn't well-known, hence resulting in a storyline blur.

During the same podcast, Disco Inferno mocked AEW for not introducing her well-enough ahead of the match:

"I don't know who this is (laughs). Are we supposed to know who Skye Blue is? " (6.42-6.48)
Skye Blue with her @AAWPro title one last time Picture by @cameraguygimmik

Skye Blue is no stranger to accolades and title golds on the indie circuit. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for her in AEW.

What's your take on Sky Blue and Dante Martin's pairing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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