Full NameCarlos Santiago Espada Moises

BornJanuary 6, 1964




Konnan has had a career in professional wrestling that few can dream of. Not only is Konnan an

eminent booker, wrestler and wrestling manager, he’s also a rapper and hosts his own Podcast.

Pre pro-wrestling career

Konnan mixed with the wrong crowd when he was young and was stealing cars as a young man. At

the same time, Konnan had gotten into both boxing and weight lifting as well. An avid boxer, Konnan

almost qualified for the Olympics but had to give up those dreams because of an unfortunate

shoulder injury.

Legendary wrestling career/ WCW Run

Konnan’s wrestling career has spanned three decades and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Konnan is best known for his WCW run during the Monday Night Wars, when he was a part of the

nWo as well as later, The Filthy Animals. But most importantly, Konnan was responsible for bringing

stalwarts such as Rey Mysterio to the company, in the budding Cruiserweight Division.

During his time in WCW, he was the WCW Television Champion, US Champion as well as a 2-time

Tag Team Champion. As of writing this, Konnan had won 15 titles in 9 promotions.

Max Moon

Konnan was contacted by Pat Patterson to come to WWE and try out a character called Max Moon.

Shortly after, WWE began calling Konnan El Relampago. But Konnan had an enormous fanbase in

Mexico and heat with all the boys. As a result, his character was given to Paul Diamond finally.

Current ventures


As of right now, Konnan is the on-screen manager for LAX and in the writing team of Impact

Wrestling as well, a company with which he’s been associated for many years. Konnan is also part of

MLW as the manager for Pentagon and Fenix.

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