Kurt Angle reveals why his match with top AEW Champion couldn't take place

Kurt Angle retired from professtional wrestling in 2019!
Kurt Angle retired from professtional wrestling in 2019!
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Kurt Angle recently stated that his struggle with drug and alcohol addiction was one of the reasons why his dream match with current AEW TNT Champion Miro never happened.

Speaking to Wrestling Inc, the Olympic gold medalist explained that he and Miro wanted to work on a program together. But he explained how WWE's higher-ups were reluctant to bring him back until he overcame his battle with drug addiction. Angle added that when he returned to WWE, he lost a step, which is why he decided to retire from pro wrestling.

“Yes, I really did want that, and I know he did too," said Angle. "Unfortunately, it never happened. At the time we wanted it to occur, WWE wasn’t looking at me. They wanted to see if I could stay out of trouble for a couple more years. I got one too many DUIs and had a problem with alcohol and painkillers. Fortunately, I got myself through that, and cleaned up my act."
"And by the time I returned to WWE [in 2017], I was probably a little too old to produce the way I used to," Angle continued. "The reason I retired early is because I wasn’t at the level I was in my prime. I know I had lost a step, and that’s why I decided to retire."

Kurt Angle last laced up his boots against Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35 in a losing effort. Following this match, he occupied himself by working backstage. But his new role didn't last too long, as the company released Angle due to budget cuts on April 15, 2020.

The WWE Hall of Famer recently posted a picture on Twitter in which he's staring down AEW star Miro. This image sparked a heated discussion on social media, with many people speculating that Angle would sign with Tony Khan's promotion.

Though the match never happened, it would have been a treat for fans to watch the two submission specialists tear each other apart in the ring.

Kurt Angle received multiple offers from AEW after he left WWE

Kurt Angle has cemented an impressive legacy!
Kurt Angle has cemented an impressive legacy!

Not too long ago, Kurt Angle revealed that he received three offers from AEW after WWE released him, but he Olympic gold medalist turned down each proposed deal.

One couldn't deny that Angle's health concerns and inability to perform at his peak level could have been the reasons why he decided to stay retired. No matter what, he'll always be remembered as one of the greatest wrestlers in recent history.

Do you think WWE should have booked a match with Miro and Kurt Angle? Sound off in the comments section below.

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