Lance Archer recalls first meeting with AEW President Tony Khan

New IWGP US Champion Lance Archer
New IWGP US Champion Lance Archer
Uday Maggon

Lance Archer is a veteran of the wrestling industry and a workhorse for AEW. He has worked in multiple promotions across the world and is receiving major plaudits on big platforms like AEW. His IWGP US Championship victory over Jon Moxley further enhanced his reputation.

Sitting down with Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone on AEW's podcast Unrestricted, Lance Archer recalled his first meeting with Tony Khan. He revealed that the meeting place was in the catering area during a show in Dallas in December 2019. (H/T: WrestlingInc)

"I was in catering, and Tony came right up to me and he was like, ‘Oh, hey man, nice to meet you. I’m Tony,’ and I was like, ‘Yes, sir. I’m Lance Hoyt or Lance Archer.’ We just kind of shot the s**t for a little bit, and we’re talking this and that."

Archer said that Tony Khan became interested when they were discussing the Murderhawk Monster's contractual status with NJPW.

“He kind of inquired about my contractual status with New Japan, and I kind of told him, I was in the old style of business, because at that time, again, I didn’t have a full contract with company and his eyes kind of widen. And he was like, ‘Oh, really?’ And then I had a conversation with Chris Jericho that evening."

This eventually led to Archer getting signed by AEW and the rest is history.

Lance Archer will defend his title at AEW Fight for the Fallen

Hikuleo will be Archer's first challenger
Hikuleo will be Archer's first challenger

After a barbaric and bloody battle to win the IWGP US Championship, Lance Archer had no time to celebrate as Bullet Club's Hikuleo stepped up to challenge Archer at AEW Fight for the Fallen next week.

Hikuleo was present at ringside during the match and tweeted after the show ended that the title was "coming home".

Hikuleo is a physically imposing human being, making a man as huge as Lance Archer look small. The match should be a hard-hitting affair as Hikuleo attempts to become the third Bullet Club member to hold the prestigious belt.

Living Legend Dutch Mantell weighed in on Tony Khan and the 18-49 demographic here.

Edited by Greg Bush
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