"Let's just see if it's a train wreck" - Jim Cornette on why fans would want suspended AEW star to return to wrestling

Jim Cornette has questioned fans' intentions

Jim Cornette has questioned why fans would want Jeff Hardy to return to AEW even if it will negatively affect his health.

Hardy had been enjoying a reunion with his brother Matt and was due for a shot at the AEW tag titles before he was arrested for DUI. Hardy was then suspended and is yet to return to the promotion.

There have been concerns over whether or not wrestling is any good for Jeff at this stage, as Jim Cornette raised one during the recent episode of Drive Thru. He also questioned whether it was a case of fans wanting him back who have no regard for his personal situation.

"But at the same time maybe the people who really just love Jeff Hardy want to see him come back and wrestle and they don't think about his personal situation."

He then continued to question whether or not there were other sections of the fanbase that had more nefarious intentions for Jeff's return.

"Do a lot of people- are they thinking well now let's just see if it's a train wreck, we're interested just to see what he's going to do when he comes back and they're not hoping for a good outcome. I don't- f*ck it but hey to do more damage to his body, to exacerbate his personal issues, probably a thing that he shouldn't be wrestling for a while." - Jim Cornette said. (2:05-2:42)

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The AEW star is due for legal proceedings this month

Matt Hardy talks about the Jeff Hardy incident.#AEW #AEWDynamite #JeffHardy #HardyBoyz

Last month, it was reported that pre-trial hearings were due to take place on October 19th. Proceedings were moved when Hardy's lawyer filed a motion to push the hearing back.

Prosecutors agreed after Hardy's attorney "provided extensive mitigation materials to the counsel for the state." It was said that both camps would need additional time to arrange a "potential pre-trial resolution," meaning that a plea agreement is being worked out to avoid a trial.

The hearing is now supposed to take place on November 17th.

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