Mark Henry opens up on AEW's plans for the community

Mark Henry
Mark Henry

AEW has created a good name for itself in the short time it's been on the map. From a friendly backstage environment to creative freedom for their stars, there's a lot to like about the company. However, Mark Henry revealed a lot of other stuff AEW has been indulging in to better serve the communities they visit.

In an interview with the Battleground Podcast, Mark Henry explained some of the initiatives AEW has already undertaken and others that are in the works. He also spoke a little bit about what he feels should be the way forward for AEW.

When asked about areas of improvement for AEW, Henry said that the company should do more to connect to grassroots media.

"The number one thing I would want to put out there is, we have to do more of this, er, marketing and creating relationships with media and not just big media but the grassroots media, the podcasts, the companies that are interested in pro-wrestling, not only to market but for fans," responded Henry.

Henry then spoke at length about the community initiatives AEW is already a part of and what the company plans to do in the future.

"And community involvement, we will be reaching out to people that are terminally ill as I will do today after I get through with talking to you guys. We're going to the boys and girls clubs of the communities we go to, the special Olympics, the wounded warriors. There's something coming up in Jacksonville, we're gonna go big up the police officers. We're gonna touch everything in communities we go to, to show people we're not there just to take. We're there to make an impression, we're trying to give," Henry said.

Mark Henry is set to debut as a commentator on AEW Rampage

Mark Henry on AEW
Mark Henry on AEW

Mark Henry was unveiled as a commentator for AEW Rampage at Double Or Nothing 2021 by Tony Schiavone. Rampage premieres on August 13, 2021, and will be AEW's second weekly television show.

Henry, a 2018 WWE Hall of Famer, brings a wealth of experience to AEW and will also help backstage with helping the company's younger stars, especially with in-ring psychology.

The World's Strongest Man also commented that his in-ring return will definitely happen in AEW. However, he couldn't give a proper timeline to it.

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