"I'm sure we'll come looking for you in three years" – Details on Vince McMahon looking to bring top AEW star back to WWE

The World's Strongest Man shares a healthy relationship with Vince McMahon.
The World's Strongest Man shares a healthy relationship with Vince McMahon.

Mark Henry recently revealed details about one of his final conversations with Vince McMahon before he signed with AEW.

Henry debuted for Tony Khan's promotion at Double or Nothing 2021, where he was introduced as a coach and analyst for AEW Rampage. Since then, the World's Strongest Man has spoken extensively about the reasons behind leaving WWE after more than two decades.

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Speaking on the latest edition of the Busted Open Radio podcast, Henry made an intriguing revelation about his relationship with WWE and Vince McMahon. The former WWE Champion recalled telling McMahon he was about to join AEW as he was tired of waiting for opportunities in WWE.

Upon hearing this, McMahon said that he's optimistic about Henry's future, and that WWE might come knocking on his door back in three years:

"I was like, 'Vince, I'm tired of waiting, I'm gonna take this job. I want to get experience, and I want to prove to you and everybody else that I can do this.' And he said, 'You know what, Mark, I believe you will, and I'm sure we'll come looking for you in three years.'"

Bryan Danielson also shares a positive equation with Vince McMahon

Apart from Mark Henry, who has rarely criticized his former boss, Bryan Danielson also has nothing but respect for Vince McMahon. Unlike many former WWE Stars vocal about their dislike of Vince's working style, Bryan and Henry are exceptions.

Bryan Danielson says he loves Vince McMahon and they have a great relationship but that Vince can sometimes be overprotective of him. He also says WWE made him a generous offer and they were gonna gonna let him do things outside WWE.#AEWAllOut

Recently, it was reported that The American Dragon maintains a book detailing everything he has learned from Vince McMahon. Danielson refrains from criticizing the WWE Chairman due to his love and respect for him.

Do you see Mark Henry joining Vince McMahon's promotion again? Have you enjoyed his AEW run so far? Sound off in the comments section below.

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