Mark Henry discloses why he's not competed in-ring while with AEW, compares his injury to Droz and WWE legend

Mark Henry (Left), former wrestler Droz (Right)
Mark Henry (Left), former wrestler Droz (Right)

Mark Henry has opened up about not competing inside the squared circle during his current AEW tenure.

The former WWE Heavyweight Champion last competed at the promotion's Greatest Royal Rumble show on April 27th, 2018. Since then, he has joined AEW in 2021 and assumed the role of commentator and coach.

During the most recent episode of Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry revealed that he has nerve damage. He compared his situation to WWE legend Lex Luger, who has recently relied on a wheelchair for movement.

"To be honest, to be completely transparent, I got nerve damage is why I don’t wrestle," Henry said. “It will just go out, and I’ll be on the ground, and there have been times where I do too much at AEW, and I have to take a wheelchair through the airport, and it sucks because I’m prideful, and I hate it when I can’t walk through the airport."

The World's Strongest Man also pointed out that he didn't want pity and that former wrestlers like Darren Droszdov (Dros) are in far worse positions than him.

"Feels like my leg is on fire. I’m not saying for a pity party for me; I’m saying that Darren Droszdov is in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, paralyzed from the chest down.” (H/T: WrestlingINC)

News of Henry's nerve damage potentially rules out a return to the ring in the near future. We at Sportskeeda Wrestling wish the Hall of Famer a speedy recovery.

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Mark Henry on potentially undergoing surgery to repair the damage

Mark Henry made his wrestling debut in 1996 at only 24 years old. The star quickly became one of the most intimidating athletes on the WWE roster and portrayed many gimmicks over the years.

During the same Busted Open Radio episode, Mark Henry shared his doctor's advice on his condition.

“My doctor told me, ‘Hey, man. You know you can surgically get that fixed?’ And he said, ‘Don’t do it until you can’t walk no more.' He’s like, ‘Let that be your last alternative.’ So I feel it, but I’m not there yet, you know what I’m saying?” Henry said. (H/T: WrestlingINC)

The WWE Hall of Famer is currently a presenter and announcer on AEW programming. It will be interesting to see if the wrestling veteran returns to the squared circle for a farewell match in the future.

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