Former WWE Superstar shares another cryptic message to tease a massive return to Tony Khan's AEW

Tony Khan during a media scrum.
Tony Khan during a media scrum.

AEW's roster has taken quite a few hits in 2022, with numerous injuries and departing stars. One of its formerly prominent stars recently took to Twitter to hint at what could possibly be a massive return.

In the run-up to the Forbidden Door pay-per-view, All Elite Wrestling suffered numerous injuries that put out a number of their biggest names. Tony Khan initially intended for the roster to be at full capacity after All Out, but the CM Punk x The Elite backstage brawl has cost it four of its biggest stars due to suspensions.

AEW's Murderhawk Monster Lance Archer recently took to Twitter again to remind fans that he still has more than enough "gas" left in his "tank."

"I’ve done things the “right” way for long enough. Maybe it’s time I do things MY WAY!!!!' - Archer Tweeted.
I’ve done things the “right” way for long enough. Maybe it’s time I do things MY WAY!!!! @AEW @AEWonTV #aew #AEWDynamite

Archer similarly teased a return not too long ago, also using a Photoshopped image of him demolishing an AEW sign. Could this signal a huge return for the star, who hasn't been seen since June 2022?

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When was AEW's Murderhawk Monster, Lance Archer, in WWE?

Wrestling fans who kept up with the sport during the late 2000s/early 2010s might not immediately have recognized Lance Archer. The 6.8ft star has changed considerably over the years as he's reinvented himself and his portrayal.

Lance Hoyt (real name) first began his career on the Independent Circuit back in 2000. He then quickly jumped to TNA (IMPACT Wrestling) where he spent 5 years with the promotion. Following his release from TNA, Hoyt made his way into WWE as Vance Archer.

However, Archer's time in WWE was brief, despite him being a menacing star who might have propelled himself to the top during the 2010s era of wrestling. After an unfortunate release in November 2010, Hoyt signed on with NJPW where he created the Murderhawk Monster.

Fans have often clamored for Archer to get a massive push within All Elite Wrestling, even though he has lost crucial matches. But could this finally be the time for Lance Archer to begin a dominating run?

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