Massive rumor circulating about Tony Khan is false - Reports

Tony Khan at Double or Nothing post media scrum [Image via AEW YouTube]
Tony Khan at Double or Nothing post media scrum [Image via AEW YouTube]

The wrestling world is buzzing with a massive rumor related to Tony Khan. However, it turns out that the story is false, as Dave Meltzer recently debunked the rumor.

AEW and Warner Brothers Discovery are in the middle of renegotiating a new media rights deal. Matt Belloni of Puck had updated the fans that a new offer had been laid out on the table.

WBD is interested in keeping five hours of weekly AEW programming on TNT and the TBS Championship. However, it was reported that the AEW head Tony Khan was disappointed with the new offer.

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that the news was false and Tony Khan wasn't disappointed with the new contract.

"I was told he wasn’t disappointed at all, but at the same time what does disappointed mean? I mean it’s just a word. I mean in the sense of, you can say he hasn’t signed so it’s not the offer he wanted. And you can say well that’s disappointing, you can say that. But the numbers that I hear would not be numbers I would call disappointing." [0:45 - 1:09]

He added:

"Nothing’s signed, that’s that. The exclusivity period is coming up soon, the end of it is coming up soon so they can open it up and talk to other people and see what’s going on there. As far as it going badly, right now I would not call it badly, that would not be a term I would use at all. People who kind of know are somewhat excited about it, but at the end of the day when the deal's announced, that will be the story. Whatever it is." [1:34 - 2:10]

Tony Khan comments on Becky Lynch ahead of her WWE contract expiry

Tony Khan recently appeared on the Rich Eisen Show. During the interview, he was asked to comment on AEW's plans for signing top free agents in the market.

Khan responded to the question by saying that he didn't want to do any tampering and was reluctant to name any specific stars. When asked about his interest in hiring Becky Lynch, all he did was praise the former Women's World Champion.


Becky Lynch's WWE contract is coming up short by the end of this month. Unlike her husband, Seth Rollins, she hasn't signed a new deal with the company, which means she will be heading for free agency.

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