"It never had the feel of the dream feud" - Matt Hardy details downfall of WWE's The Invasion storyline 

Matt Hardy was an integral part of WWE
Matt Hardy was an integral part of the Attitude Era

AEW star Matt Hardy recently looked back at the time when WWE witnessed the famous invasion storyline, shortly after the purchase of WCW and ECW.

The early 2000s saw a storyline where WCW and ECW stars formed 'The Alliance' to take on stars from World Wrestling Entertainment for control of the company. The Invasion started in March 2001 and continued till November of that year. It ended with an elimination tag match between the two parties. The angle came shortly after Vince McMahon acquired both WCW and ECW.

Speaking on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Hardy explained why he did not like the way the Invasion storyline was booked.

“I thought it [the Invasion storyline] was okay. Considering it was — I hated the way the Invasion was played, where WCW didn’t have its own show, it didn’t have its own platform. And WCW guys were constantly on WWE programming. There was a point where every match was like WWE vs. WCW. And I feel like it never had the feel of the dream feud or dream program that it should have had." [H/T 411 Mania]
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Former WWE Superstar Matt Hardy feels that adding ECW to the mix made things interesting

The multi-time tag team champion further discussed the time during the Attitude Era when there was an internal feud in the McMahon family to gain control of the promotion.

In the same podcast, Matt Hardy explained that bringing in ECW to the fold made things much more gripping but refused to deviate from his original statement of better execution.

“And I feel like adding and injecting ECW into the mix and into the Alliance, it made it more interesting for sure. Was it done perfectly? No, it wasn’t because it would have been much better if people that would have been viewing this whole program went, ‘Oh wow, these are all different entities. There’s WWE, and they’re taking on WCW along with ECW.'"
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Matt Hardy was a crucial part of the Attitude Era and has had three different spells with the promotion. He is currently plying his trade in All Elite Wrestling. He was last seen on AEW programming when he lost to Christian Cage on the August 3 episode of Dynamite.

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