MJF takes a shot at AEW star's mom 

MJF never holds back (Pic Source: AEW)
MJF never holds back (Pic Source: AEW)

MJF, on a recent episode of AEW Dynamite, cut a promo on the people of Cincinnati, Ohio, which had Brian Pillman Jr.'s family in the front row. The heel personally insulted and went as far as to refer to the latter's mother, Melanie Pillman, as "Methanie."

MJF has gone a step further by tweeting a picture/screenshot of her from an episode of Dark Side of the Ring.

For those unaware, the comment references Melanie Pillman's years of drug and alcohol abuse, which was covered in the documentary series.

The leader of the Pinnacle took it to a different level by hinting that Pillman's mother should have "aborted" him years earlier, making the AEW Star enraged and attack MJF, only to be stopped by Wardlow.

Pillman's tag team partner, Griff Garrison, came out for the save, but Wardlow made short work of him, with MJF punching him with his ring for good measure. Both heels left the ring as the tag-team tended to each other.


Dutch Mantell thinks MJF's promo was in bad taste

MJF's no-holds-barred promo attracted attention from corners as some were not happy with its content, and Dutch Mantell believed that the promo was in bad taste. On the latest episode of Smack Talk, Mantell thought that the promo went over the line, considering that kids were in the audience.

"That to me, for us it might be funny, but I think it's in bad taste, I really do. What if you heard an NFL football player saying that? He's a heel 24/7, I like that about him. But when you get in front of a crowd, you got kids out there, and you got people watching, and you got advertisers, I think that's going over the line. I don't know why they didn't bleep that because I think the bleep is better. Maybe say it on a live house show. But to let it go through and go through all the ears and eyes, I think they intended for it to go through. So, I don't understand that at all," said Dutch Mantell.

With that said, the promo has laid the groundwork for a feud between MJF and Brian Pillman Jr. It will undoubtedly be interesting to see how the rivalry evolves from here.

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