"Need a Sting and Undertaker face-off in WWE" - Fans elated with possibility of blockbuster match on wrestling veteran's AEW retirement this year

The Undertaker (Left), Sting (Right).
The Undertaker (Left), Sting (Right).

Sting has enjoyed a long and successful career ever since he first stepped into the industry back in 1985. The Icon is now officially planning his Swan Song after signing with AEW at the tail-end of 2020.

Since his debut at Winter is Coming, the 63-year-old has become an enigma of pro wrestling after proving that he can still go head-to-head with the best in the industry. However, fans knew that his run would eventually end, and it seems that day is closer than anyone realized.

DMagazine recently published a long and in-depth account of Sting's career and revealed that The Icon plans to retire after his AEW contract expires sometime this year.

In response to the breaking news, many fans gave their take on who The Icon should face in a retirement match. Some hoped to see him dethrone MJF, while others were clamoring for a Painmaker vs. Stinger clash. A few lamented how The Undertaker would never get to go toe-to-toe with The Vigilante at this stage, and what could have been.

@WrestlingNewsCo Run MJF vs. Sting, title vs. career.
@WrestlingNewsCo Hey yo @TonyKhan gonna need Sting vs Jeff Hardy before he retires. AEW has a chance to right some wrongs. To give these men one more chance to make things right. To have the match they should have had a long time ago.
@WrestlingNewsCo Can we at least make this happen before retirement?
@JustAlyxCentral Still holding out hope for a @Sting VS. @undertaker "Boneyard Match". It would be absolutely perfect. Would allow both men to work at their own pace, would guarantee no screwups could happen, would be super atmospheric. PERFECT. If AEW buys WWE, @TonyKhan NEEDS to make it happen.
@WrestlingNewsCo We all need a Sting and Undertaker face off in WWE for them just to team up against whoever

Despite the possibility of a final match, fans were still overwhelmed by the realization that The Icon's career would officially be over by the end of 2023.

@WrestlingNewsCo AEW has treated him with far more respect and I’m glad that he’s ending his career on his terms this time
@WrestlingNewsCo Gonna hang em up before Flair.
@WrestlingNewsCo At least he ended his career with a bang instead of a unexpected injury
@WrestlingNewsCo What a proper final run. The man is an all time great. I'm still a little Stinger.
@mikelikessports @Sting I think we all know that he would have retired after the Mania match with Taker, but of course we all know that's not happening now....
@mikelikessports @AEW @Sting So happy that AEW exists. Sting secured his GOAT title as it should’ve been. 💪🏼
@JustAlyxCentral A true wrestling legend and icon. Not a wwe or steroid sellout like so many others. Sting is the best there ever will be. No disrespect to Bret, but sting is the bar for all others to be compared to.

It remains to be seen who Sting will end up facing to close out his near-four decade-long career. Undoubtedly, AEW will likely wait for a pay-per-view to highlight the legend's final foray into the Squared Circle.

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While Sting might be retiring this year, his daughter-in-law could take up his mantle

Many believe that Darby Allin will be the one to take up Sting's mantle when he retires, but could the legend have another person in mind? Darby has been forging his own path lately, meaning he might have a different idea for his future.

This was soooo awesome! Sting and Darby Allin hugging it out! ❤️‍🔥 #AEWDynamite

According to the same article by D Magazine, The Icon's daughter-in-law Katelyn is reportedly training to become a wrestler while working on AEW's social media team.

“He has a few more matches for Gracie, now 22 years old, to appreciate her father’s career in a way she never could as a child. He’s got a little while longer to work in the same company as his daughter-in-law, Katelyn, who is on AEW’s social media team and is training to be a wrestler." (H/T WrestleTalk)

At this point, there's no word on how far Katelyn is with her training and whether or not her gimmick will resemble The Icon's in any way. While fans are speculating who he'll pass his torch on to, could the legend have someone else entirely in mind?

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