"One of WWE’s biggest fumbles" - Wrestling world awed by resurfaced clip of AEW star's power-packed performance against Roman Reigns

A clip of Roman Reigns recently surfaced on social media
A clip of Roman Reigns recently surfaced on social media.

The Twitteratti were recently reminded of an AEW star's prowess and skill as a clip of a match involving the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns resurfaced.

The star in question is Keith Lee. He has performed on the main WWE roster on multiple occasions, facing off against major stars like Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins. The Limitless One also took on the moniker "Bearcat" for a short while as part of a gimmick change.

Despite being a notable fan-favorite, Lee was released from WWE on November 4, 2021 later debuting in AEW on February 9, 2022, returning to his original gimmick.

However, wrestling fans are seemingly still lamenting Keith's switch from the Stamford-based company to Tony Khan's roster After a clip recently emerged showing a match between him and Roman Reigns.

the way keith sold the spear >>

This prompted a number of comments on social media, with many praising Keith Lee.

this ss match was CRAZY
@316REIGNS No spear will ever amount to when Rhyno gored the Rock…
@316REIGNS this ending was EVERYTHING
@WrestleOps @316REIGNS Moving him to Raw was a huge L !?? 🙌
@316REIGNS even if we knew Lee was going to lose, a feud between him and Reigns wouldve been so good.
@jimmyperry0621 @316REIGNS Nice powerbomb from big fella though...
@316REIGNS One of WWE’s biggest fumbles
@316REIGNS Romans selling was nice too
@316REIGNS I can't stop appreciating the Kick out wizardry from Reigns
@316REIGNS You can't be in the WWE unless you sell Roman's spear.

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The former WWE star's booking in AEW has been previously criticized

While fans are still fond of The Limitless One, his booking in Tony Khan's Promotion has not been immune to criticism.

Wrestling veteran Jim Cornette asserted on his show Jim Cornette's Drive Thru, that Lee winning a contest between himself and Serpentico was the proper outcome, but he didn't understand it.

"So then the next match was Keith Lee against Serpentico and there was a charitably 225-pound weight difference and Serpentico looked like a kid in a generic wrestling Lucha costume and the match was a powerbomb, 1-2-3. I mean, the right result but why would you book that?" - said Cornette. [0:01-0:28]
Well, that was fast... 😶 #AEWRampage

Keith Lee is currently involved in a storyline with his own tag team partner, Swerve Strickland. The duo are seemingly on the cusp of a feud among themselves. It remains to be seen what the Limitless One's future holds in the coming weeks.

Do you think Keith Lee was better off in his previous Promotion? Sound off in the comments below!

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