Paul Heyman reportedly helped patch things up between two WWE veterans

Paul Heyman is a veteran in the pro wrestling industry.
Paul Heyman is a veteran in the pro wrestling industry

WWE legend Paul Heyman has had his hand in numerous aspects of the pro wrestling industry and is highly regarded by many of his peers. According to Mr. Kennedy, Heyman was the peacemaker between himself and CM Punk.

CM Punk seems quite the polarizing figure in the pro wrestling industry today, especially after his comments at the AEW All Out 2022 media scrum. Although Mr. Kennedy holds Punk in high regard, that wasn't the case early on in WWE.

During his interview with WrestlingNewsCo, Kennedy recalled how he felt when Punk was making his way into WWE.

"I had gotten called up on the road for WWE out of OVW, and I remember Paul [Heyman] really loved CM Punk and I was Paul’s baby – he got me out the door, he got me on TV and then Punk was the next guy, and I didn’t like it. I remember Paul took me and Punk out for sushi and we just sat down and talked, and I loved him ever since. Sometimes brothers gotta fight." (04:11 onward)

Mr. Kennedy also recalled how he felt when he was told he would be the winner of the 2007 Money in the Bank Match, especially since Edge was initially slated to win.

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Mr. Kennedy's issues with CM Punk allegedly began before their time together in WWE

CM Punk and Mr. Kennedy have a brief history in WWE, and the two clashed in 2007 when Punk made his SmackDown debut. Besides this, they only went up against each other during two Money in the Bank bouts and one final time when Punk and 13 other stars took on Kennedy and Triple H in a Handicap match.

Earlier in the podcast, Mr. Kennedy recalled having a match at an IWA Mid-South Tournament, which he thought was good until he heard the commentary on his tape.

"I finally got a copy of this tape, pop it in, watching it and it was CM Punk, Dave Przak, and Ace Steel on commentary and they were burying us. It felt like they were burying us bad. I bumped into him on a show, I just pulled him aside and I brought it up. And I remember he gave me the most sincere, heartfelt apology and we were cool." (03:09 onward)

The former WWE Superstar is now on far better terms with Punk today, and it seems like fans will have to thank Paul Heyman for the same.

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