"Please never leave you’re my favorite" - Tony Khan wants 43-year-old star to stay in AEW forever

Tony Khan is the president of AEW
Tony Khan is the president of AEW

AEW President Tony Khan recently signed one of WWE's biggest stars Adam Copeland (fka Edge). However, it seems like Khan is not ready to lose a 43-year-old star and wants him to stay in the company.

The star in question is Japanese wrestling veteran, Katsuyori Shibata, who has been able to work in All Elite Wrestling due to the company's relationship with NJPW.

In the recent post-show media scrum following AEW WrestleDream, Khan spoke highly of Shibata and praised him while also emphasizing his desire to sign him to All Elite Wrestling.

"I want you to stay forever, never leave, please never leave you’re my favorite."

Shibata expressed via Google Translate that he would sign a contract if Khan wished:

"If Tony wished, I’m ready to make a commitment." H/T:[InsideTheRopes]

We will have to wait and see if Shibata officially signs with All Elite Wrestling in the future.

WWE Hall of Famer speaks about his AEW contract negotiations with Tony Khan

AEW President Tony Khan has signed a lot of big names over the years, but the contract of WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is nearing its end. The legendary commentator is optimistic about a new deal.

Jim Ross signed with All Elite Wrestling soon after the company was founded and was the primary color commentator throughout Dynamite's first couple of years.

Speaking on Grilling JR, he gave an optimistic update on his deal with All Elite Wrestling.

“I’m very blessed. Tony Khan has answered a lot of my prayers. I hope to continue working for AEW for the foreseeable future. That’s our goal, that’s Tony’s goal, that’s my goal. Tony and I had a nice chat about my contract last week at TV, so things are moving along well in that regard. I’m sure that between Barry Bloom, my agent, and the legal department at AEW, that they’re gonna get something worked out. That’s my belief. I’m being positive and optimistic," Ross said.

Ross continued:

"This is the best scenario for me that I could imagine, working for a young company, where when you go to work, you feel invigorated, you feel excited. You’re around a lot of great young talent that want to be stars. This group of talents, boy, they work their a** off. Some of the matches we’ve had on Collision the last few weeks have just been epic in my view. Hard-hitting, epic matches that I just can’t get enough of. The only thing I’d like to do more of is call more than just the main event, but that’s not my goal. I’m running the plays, baby, but just put me in the game, coach. I’m ready to roll." [h/t Fightful]

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