Returning AEW star namedrops Triple H and WWE RAW Superstar during Jon Moxley segment on Dynamite

WWE CCO, Triple H (left) and former AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley (right).
WWE CCO, Triple H (left) and former AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley (right).

AEW star MJF went on a tear tonight as he referenced WWE CCO Triple H, RAW Superstar Cody Rhodes, and CEO Nick Khan during a segment with Jon Moxley on Dynamite.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman made his shocking return last Sunday at All Out as the masked joker who won the Casino Battle Royale. He revealed himself at the end of the main event involving Moxley and CM Punk, vowing to take the AEW World Title away from Punk.

The Salt of the Earth opened the proceedings for Dynamite as he "greeted" the fans in Buffalo, New York, and showered them with disingenuous praise.

However, Jon Moxley stopped the Long Islander's charade by saying that the latter was "full of crap."

.@The_MJF is BACK, and he has a few words to say. #AEWDynamite is LIVE on @TBSNetwork!

MJF eventually revealed his colors by trashing the crowd and quickly addressed the AEW World Championship situation.

The 26-year-old emphasized that he wants to use the world title as a "bargaining chip" and as an x-factor for the "bidding war" in 2024, which is when his AEW contract expires.

MJF emphatically stated that he wants to take the world title to a "real wrestling company," seemingly referencing WWE. He added that he wants to wrestle "The American Roller Coadster" Cody Rhodes.

"Maybe I'll take that title to a REAL wrestling company." @The_MJF starting to show his true colors again and @JonMoxley is not impressed. It’s #AEWDynamite LIVE on TBS!

The Salt of the Earth then said that he wanted to work with the real "Khan" and that it was "Best for Business," referencing Nick Khan and Triple H.

Moxley had enough as he dared MJF to fight but the latter decided that the discretion is a better part of valor.

What are your thoughts on MJF's opening promo on Dynamite? Sound off in the comments section below.

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