"Want to have a career exactly like them" - Rising AEW star details his ambition of becoming as successful as The Hardys

The Hardy Boyz are considered as one of the best tag teams in the wrestling industry
The Hardy Boyz are considered as one of the best tag teams in the wrestling industry

One half of Private Party, Isiah Kassidy, has commented on whether Matt Hardy has helped the AEW tag team.

The duo of Isiah and Marq Quen, combinedly known as Private Party, debuted in AEW in 2019. They had a remarkable first year, and they even scored a major victory over the Young Bucks. However, they have struggled to find meaningful success ever since. Some are of the opinion that Matt Hardy, their former manager, has contributed to their downfall.

During an interview with Steve Fall for NBC Sports Boston, Kassidy had a different opinion about Hardy's guidance. He stated that the former WWE Superstar has helped them improve.

"I think it helped 100%. You know, a lot of people on the Internet, they're gonna say, 'Man, Private Party, their career went down because of Matt Hardy,' but me personally, and I'm pretty sure I can speak for Quen as well, I feel like Matt Hardy helped us a lot," Kassidy said. (H/T Wrestling Inc.)

He also mentioned that the Private Party are determined to achieve the same level of success that Hardy Boyz enjoyed in the wrestling industry.

"Matt Hardy is my guy. I would love for him to take us under his wing, because eventually I want to be in the Hardys' place. I want to have a career exactly like them." (H/T Wrestling Inc.)
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Matt Hardy speaks about AEW tag team Private Party

Despite people having a negative opinion about the bond, the respect is mutual between Matt Hardy and the Private Party.

Speaking on a recent edition of Being The Elite, the former WWE Tag Team Champion professed that he wants to see the young duo flourish in the industry.

“I feel obligated to. I want them to do well. As you know, I blame myself for detailing their career. You know the expression, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’? I think that will apply to them. I definitely think it applies to them. This journey that I’ve been going on recently, you know, everybody knows there’s something wrong with them. They just don’t know what it is. I was fortunate enough to determine what’s wrong with me.” (H/T Fightful)

Hardy debuted in AEW in 2020 after completing his third spell with WWE. What do you think of the combination of him and the Private Party? Sound off in the comments section below!

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