"Should be getting 10% of their godd*mn money" - Ric Flair takes credit for giving rub to WWE Hall of Famer and top AEW star

Ric Flair made a startling statement this week!
Ric Flair made a startling statement this week!

WWE legend Ric Flair recently discarded humility to take credit for the recent success of two stars in AEW.

The stars in question are Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal. Jarrett recently joined the AEW roster, quickly siding with Jay Lethal and the rest of his group against Darby Allin. His return to WWE in May, followed by another departure in August, generated a significant buzz in the pro wrestling scene.

With Jarrett getting TV time immediately upon arrival and also a pay-per-view match at Full Gear, Ric Flair believes that his last match played an important role in elevating the two stars. It should be noted that Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal had also teamed up to face Ric Flair and Andrade el Idolo this year.

Speaking on the latest episode of To Be The Man, Flair declared that he ought to get a portion of their pay for his role in Jeff Jarrett's and Jay Lethal's elevated status.

"He got the rub! Him and Jay both! They'll have them for another main event in a godd*mn pay-per-view on AEW, what do you think? I feel like I should be getting 10% of their godd*mn money." (46:44 - 48:02)
Jeff Jarrett this year will have refereed at Summer Slam, Gave Ric Flair his last match ever (maybe) and now on a AEW PPV wow 😯

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The WWE legend made a similar claim about Jeff Jarrett earlier

This isn't the first time Ric Flair has taken credit for Jeff Jarrett's recent prominence, as he has previously spoken about his role in AEW picking up the 55-year-old star.

In another episode of To Be The Man, Flair claimed that his last match had given Jeff Jarrett a large amount of PR.

"It’s the push he got from the Last Match! C’mon! No Last Match with Jeff, no AEW! Are you kidding me? Let’s get serious! He got more PR in that g***amn match than he’s ever gotten! I’m happy for him. Oh, man," said Flair. (18:20 onward)
Ric Flair will team up with Andrade El Idolo against Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal in his final match

It remains to be seen if Jarrett will respond to these claims in the near future.

Do you think WWE Legend Ric Flair deserves the credit he claims he should get? Sound off in the comments below!

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