Status update on major names being added to AEW: Fight Forever; roster expansion a "fluid situation" (Exclusive)

AEW has provided an update on their upcoming Fight Forever game.

AEW has provided an update to Sportskeeda on their upcoming Fight Forever game, the potential for in-game roster updates, and clarification on their ESRB rating.

Fight Forever will be AEW's debut PC & Console title. Although there is currently no specific release date, it is expected to come out this year. Through trailers and updates, fans know that they can expect the likes of CM Punk and Cody Rhodes to be on the in-game roster. Other company stalwarts like Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho are also set to feature.

But what about some of the newer faces under Tony Khan's employ? Perhaps The Briscoes, who have been both speculated and called for in light of Jay's tragic passing.

Well, on that front, an AEW representative noted that although many on the in-game roster have been revealed, there are "even more yet to be revealed." They are confident that fans will be pleased with the game's roster, both in quantity and the quality of the wrestler models they have included.

Would LOVE to see The Briscoes added to AEW Fight Forever at some point down the line… @TonyKhan @KennyOmegamanX One of the greatest pro wrestling tag teams of all time, and to my knowledge, they’ve never been in a video game. That needs to change. #RIPJayBriscoe

A fundamental note from the representative was that roster expansion potential is a "fluid situation." Dependent on how the game is received commercially, there are hopes to "expand the roster as long as fans are enjoying the game and want more content."

There was further clarification on reports surrounding AEW: Fight Forever's ESRB rating

Naturally, with no release date, there have been questions about what could be holding things up. There appeared to be some form of answer recently when reports emerged that the title had struggled to secure a 'T for Teen' ESRB rating.

When quizzed on the matter, the same representative noted that the official press announcements and the trailer have already confirmed the title's rating.

Check out the official trailer below:


It was reiterated that the best place to catch Fight Forever updates is through the AEW Games. They also stressed that unless explicitly provided by the company, "almost everything" is "not substantiated in any way."

Fight Forever is slated to be released on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo consoles, and PC.

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