Former WWE personality on CM Punk possibly disrupting AEW in the aftermath of the brawl out incident (Exclusive)

CM Punk
CM Punk's run in AEW could possibly come to an unfortunate end.

Former WWE personality Dutch Mantell claimed that CM Punk could possibly disrupt AEW in the aftermath of the Brawl Out incident.

After the backstage brawl during the All Out media scrum on September 4, suspensions were slapped on the Second City Saint, The Elite (The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega), and Ace Steel.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently reported that following the 'Brawl Out,' attorneys were present on both sides. It was also mentioned that The Elite didn't take any legal action against either Punk or Steel.

However, Punk might consider doing otherwise by messing with the Jacksonville-based promotion. During the latest episode of SmackTalk, Mantell said that the former could have an ace if he decides to elevate the issue to a court of law due to the corporate status of the faction.

It was alleged that the Bucks and Omega stormed into The Second City Saint's locker room by kicking in the door.

"That's the greatest ace that he has if does decide to sue is part of the management came into his dressing room aggressively and in his viewpoint, they came in there to attack him and they can.... of course they're going to deny it all day long but if this goes to any kind of a trial, that's going to be a big sticking point so I don't see him coming back," Mantell said. [from 16:31 - 17:00]

The former WWE manager then added that AEW President Tony Khan would just pay Punk a huge amount of dollars to sit at home and make him agree to a non-compete clause.

"I think Tony Khan's going to end up paying a bunch of money, sign the NDA and let's go and then you talk to ..... and if they want him to not work for 90 days, I think he wouldn't that but I think he did... he just keeping it there just for the hell of.... just to mess with him," he stated. [from 17:01 - 17:20]

Check out the clips from this episode:


Dutch Mantell on CM Punk potentially filing a lawsuit against AEW

On the same episode of SmackTalk, Dutch Mantell said that a potential contract buyout might not be enough for CM Punk as he could possibly seek further advantages.

The former WWE personality proceeded to claim that Punk might file a lawsuit even if he settles for a buyout, which AEW doesn't want to happen.

"I think he is still gonna end up in a lawsuit. I still believe that, they can talk all they want. And he can say whatever came in there and he could claim this and this. That's what AEW doesn't want. They don't want to take it down to a lawsuit."
The CM Punk/AEW experiment was a complete and utter failure on all levels.

It will be interesting to see what happens over the course of the next few days as the rumors of Punk's AEW departure are heating up.

Do you think CM Punk will mess with AEW by filing a lawsuit against them? Sound off in the comments section.

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