Tony Khan breaks silence on CM Punk's WWE return

Is there bad blood between Tony Khan and CM Punk?
Is there bad blood between Tony Khan and CM Punk?

CM Punk recently returned to WWE and has caused quite a stir in the wrestling community. While fans are either ecstatic or ticked off by the move, what does Tony Khan think about it?

The Second City Saint unfortunately had a terrible reputation by the time he left AEW after getting into a fight with The Elite and Jack Perry. Fans have since wondered what might have happened behind the scenes, and interviewers still pose the question to Tony Khan when they get the chance.

In a yet-to-be-aired interview with Steve Hermon, Tony Khan was asked about CM Punk in light of his recent return to WWE at Survivor Series: WarGames. Khan yet again dodged the question but hinted at ongoing legal issues, withholding his answer and instead choosing to talk about All In 2024.

"[I] can't talk about that nor do I think it's the time or the place, but I appreciate you asking and I'm very excited about AEW All In Wembley Stadium - not to dodge or duck your question, it's just not something I can legally talk about."

While many are happy to see CM Punk return to WWE, some fans haven't forgotten about what happened in AEW. Recently, fans took to X, where they agreed with a post made by Ryan Satin criticizing the star.

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Someone in the AEW roster reached out to describe the locker room in light of CM Punk's WWE return

Due to all the controversy surrounding his exit from AEW, many fans were of the opinion that the locker room might have second thoughts in light of his WWE return. According to Wade Keller of PWTorch, a source in AEW expressed that the move might be better for Punk, due to the leadership structure in WWE.

Additionally, he'll likely have to be on his toes in order to make up for all the time away and the bad reputation he gained after his AEW run. Lastly, the source alleged that backstage morale has vastly improved since CM Punk's exit.

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