"AEW's first death is going to be Sting" - Twitter erupts in anger following the WWE Hall Of Famer's dangerous spot on Rampage: Grand Slam

There has been considerable discourse surrounding Sting

Wrestling Twitter has once again erupted over a recent AEW Rampage spot involving Sting.

The Icon competed alongside Darby Allin against the House of Black's Brody King and Buddy Matthews in a hardcore tag team match this past week on Rampage. The bout itself was chaotic, involving a host of dangerous stunts atypical of a Darby Allin contest.

As seen in the clip below, Brody King launched the 63-year-old off the top rope, crashing through one table but having his head ricocheting off another that did not break.

The spot led to a discourse on Twitter, as many opined that someone of Sting's age and injury history shouldn't be involved in such a spot.

@WhoIsDonStevens The money couldn’t be worth this, Sting
@WhoIsDonStevens Shouldn’t this be considered elder abuse?
@WhoIsDonStevens Great! AEW's first death is going to be Sting!
@WhoIsDonStevens Sting must owe a lot in taxes or something
@WhoIsDonStevens Sting never did this in his later career in TNA and his WWE run, why should now when he’s 10 years older be any different?
@WhoIsDonStevens He is a senior citizen! They are trying to take him out of here! πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸš‘πŸš‘πŸš‘πŸš‘
@WhoIsDonStevens I don't know if Sting will make more money now wrestling or when he sues @TonyKhan for brain damage.
@WhoIsDonStevens Sting seems to have the same death wish that Ric Flair has.

The WCW legend was initially forced to retire due to a neck injury sustained against Seth Rollins. He was challenging for the WWE Title in what has become his final match in the promotion.

Sting only returned to in-ring action last year in AEW and has yet to make a singles appearance to date.

Julia Hart also suffered a scare during the same AEW Rampage match

During the same bout, House of Black's Julia Hart also suffered a scary fall.

Great Muta had emerged shockingly, spouting green mist into the face of Buddy Matthews. The latter crashed into the ropes behind him, simultaneously knocking Hart from the ring apron where she stood. Instead of crashing through the table set up behind her, Hart skimmed the far end of the table, hitting her head on the mat.

The back of her head appeared to crash against the concrete floor just beyond the rubber padding outside the ring.

Me and my hat are okayπŸ–€…

Hart has since confirmed she is okay. It remains to be seen how Sting fares after his brutal fall. The legendary wrestler could take some time off the ring to heal properly.

What did you make of The Icon's brutal fall on AEW Rampage? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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Edited by Debottam Saha