"Thrilled to have nothing in common with Tony (Khan)" - Twitter flares up to AEW President's response to being confused with WWE Executive 

AEW President Tony Khan fired another shot at a WWE executive.
AEW President Tony Khan fired another shot at a WWE executive.

Wrestling fans on Twitter erupted in AEW President Tony Khan's response after being wrongly identified as WWE Co-CEO Nick Khan.

This all started when Barstool Sports' President Dave Portnoy mistakenly identified Tony as Nick, whom he had issues with, during the AEW President's recent interview with Robbie Fox.

While he was with the CAA (Creative Artists Agency), the WWE CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) notified ESPN President John Skipper via e-mail that Portnoy made derogatory comments toward Nick's client, ultimately ending the partnership between Barstool Sports and ESPN in 2017.

On Twitter, Portnoy asked Tony why he canceled the "Van Talk" series but was corrected by Khan, who said it was Nick who did it. The Barstool Sports' head honcho apologized to Khan afterward.

The AEW President then responded by swiping at the WWE CRO, saying he and Nick are two different people and that he's not "two-faced." Khan also took the opportunity to plug the anniversary special of Dynamite this Wednesday, a two-hour live broadcast of Rampage and the Battle of the Belts this Friday.

2 more different people we could not be.Here’s to not being two-faced + here’s to a big week of @AEWonTV, the #AEWDynamite 3 year anniversary Wednesday on TBS, our first XL 2 hour,15 minute episode ever!+ Friday the first ever live 2 hour #AEWRampage/#BattleOfTheBelts on TNT!…

The Twitterverse quickly reacted to Tony's subtle jab at WWE, most specifically one of its figureheads.

Here are some of their reactions:

@TonyKhan @AEWonTV I’m sure Nick is thrilled to have nothing in common with Tony.
@TonyKhan @AEWonTV Tony Khan funny as hell. All this beef and he just plugs AEW 😂😂😂
@TonyKhan @AEWonTV TK coming out swinging to start the week
@TonyKhan @AEWonTV I think we should officially rename Tony Khan as “Good Khan” so everyone knows we’re talking about A-E-DUB
@TonyKhan @AEWonTV Never losing the spot to promote your shows 🤣 I love it
@TonyKhan @AEWonTV Nothing you love more than putting yourself over on online, huh

Meanwhile, some fans want to see changes from Khan, especially on how he should book specific talents. They also want to see adjustments made to the stacked roster.

@TonyKhan @AEWonTV Dude, you oversigned the men’s roster and now there’s not enough shine, & the women are out in the desert, doing < 3 min matches on Dark/an occasional short match on TV, or some random group match. Where’s Lance? Where’s Miro? Where are the joshi? C’mon, man. I miss old AEW…
@TonyKhan @AEWonTV SPLIT THE ROSTERS ALREADY! Make Dynamite its own brand and rebrand Rampage to be RoH. More tv time for different talent and everybody wins. Plus we get a yearly ppv where the brands feud with eachother.
@TonyKhan @AEWonTV Maybr not two-faced but you sure do like to disrespect your women's division and all the hard work that they do.

Meanwhile, this user took a jab at the executive's tendency to hire more people and not utilize his current talents.

@TonyKhan @AEWonTV Here’s to not using all the available talent signed and continuously signing new people!

It will be interesting to see if Nick manages to clap back on Tony should he take time to read the latter's tweet.

Tony Khan just made AEW Dynamite even more stacked

The anniversary special of AEW Dynamite this week will be a massive one as several high-profile matches will occur. Top stars such as MJF, Hangman Page, Chris Jericho, and Darby Allin will take centerstage in Washington, DC.

However, AEW President Tony Khan added another mega bout earlier as he scheduled the TNT Championship showdown between Wardlow (champion) and the returning Brian Cage (challenger).

This Wednesday, October 5Wednesday Night #AEWDynamite 3 Year Anniversary ShowLIVE on @TBSNetwork 8pm ET/7pm CTTNT Championship Open Challenge#MrMayhem @RealWardlow vs #TheMachine @briancagegmsiSee you all on Wednesday night to celebrate 3 great years of #AEWDynamite!

Dynamite is shaping to be great as it celebrates its three years of existence. Fans will have to watch the anniversary edition this coming Wednesday to tune in to all the action.

What are your thoughts on Tony Khan's latest dig at Nick Khan? Are you excited about this week's Dynamite? Sound off in the comments section.

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