Vince Russo calls out AEW for promoting deathmatches on TV [Exclusive]

Vince Russo calls out AEW for promoting deathmatches on TV
Vince Russo calls out AEW for promoting deathmatches on TV

Former WWE writer Vince Russo has called out AEW for promoting deathmatches on TV. He shared his clear frustration about the recent Chris Jericho vs. Nick Gage match from AEW Dynamite: Fight For The Fallen.

At the show, Jericho and Gage wrestled a brutal encounter that featured ample bloodshed. Gage, who's a deathmatch wrestling specialist, used light bulbs to brutalize Jericho. In the end, the former AEW World Champion came out on top after he hit the Judas Effect. As expected, many fans were disappointed with AEW for promoting deathmatch wrestling on national television.

During the latest episode of Writing With Russo (hosted by Chris Featherstone), the former WWE writer criticized AEW for booking this match in the first place. Russo talked about how dangerous using a fluorescent light bulb in a match could be, as it could permanently damage the eye.

Russo added that when AEW started, he expected the promotion to feature "strong style" matches, as NJPW regularly does, rather than ultra-violent bouts.

"I mean Chris, it's even like the fluorescent light bulb spot we see on AEW Dynamite," said Russo. "Chris, you and I know there's nothing to a fluorescent light bulb shot until you get a shot of glass in the eye. Do you know, bro, how easy it is to get a piece of that in your eye? You could lose vision in an eye! Like why bro, why?"

The full video is available here:

Vince Russo cited AEW star Jake Roberts' career as an example for not using blood

Jake Roberts in WWE
Jake Roberts in WWE

Vince Russo and Chris also discussed the career of AEW veteran Jake Roberts, as he cited the legend as an example of a performer who sold fear without ever relying on bloodshed in his matches.

Russo further spoke about how Roberts was a master of psychology who created terror through his presence and his style of delivering promos.

"Look how feared Jake Roberts was through the way he carried himself and his promos," Russo added. "I never, ever saw Jake in a match like that. I'll go one step closer, I don't recall seeing Jake ever bleed. I have seen hundreds of his matches, and I have never seen him bleed."

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Do you agree with Vince Russo's take on AEW's deathmatches? Do you think the company should not promote such violent gore fests in front of a wide audience? Sound off in the comments section below.

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