Vince Russo makes a big admission about Taz and Hook (Exclusive)

ECW Legend Taz (right) , Hook (left)
ECW legend Taz (right), Hook (left)

WWE veteran Vince Russo recently shared his thoughts on AEW's Taz and Hook. The father-son duo has been a part of All Elite Wrestling since 2020.

HOOK was introduced to the AEW audience by his father however, the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil has done a great job in making his own unique identity in the Jacksonville-based promotion. He is a former two-time FTW Champion and has had some big matchups against the likes of Chris Jericho and Samoa Joe in the promotion.

Speaking on Sportskeeda's The Wrestling Outlaws podcast, Russo heaped praise on both men and acknowledged how HOOK has turned into his own superstar in AEW.

"I think Taz and HOOK have done a great job, you would have no idea that Taz is his dad." [2:26-2:36]

Dutch Mantell praises AEW veteran Taz for making his gimmick work

Taz is one of the biggest names in professional wrestling and was a top star in ECW. The veteran is a former ECW World Champion and is one of the originals of the Extreme brand. He also spent time in the WWE and is a former Hardcore Champion.

Speaking on his Story Time with Dutch Mantell podcast, the former WWE manager praised the Human Suplex Machine for his in-ring work and noted how he had a successful career despite his height.

"He is not a tall guy. He's about 5'6", maybe. Maybe a little higher, taller. He was always a big kid and he probably did train like a maniac to get big. The old saying is that you can get bigger. You know what you can't do? Get taller. You can't do that. So, if you are 5'6", it almost eliminates you from the beginning. Because when you have an 11th-grade high [school] student and he's taller than you, well, it doesn't look good. But he was good in the ring, he had that gimmick, [and] he played it well." [1:40 - 2:30]

The veteran currently works as a commentator in All Elite Wrestling. However, the veteran hasn't been inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame yet. It will be interesting to see if fans could see the ECW legend return to the Stamford-based promotion in the future.

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