"What are they thinking?" - Wrestling veteran blames Anna Jay for risky spot in AEW

Was Anna Jay to blame for a dangerous spot on Rampage?
Was Anna Jay to blame for a dangerous spot on Rampage?

AEW star Anna Jay hasn't been seen since the January 13th edition of Rampage, where she was involved in a brutal street fight but was she to blame for one spot in the match going wrong?

Anna's best friend Tay Melo needed to put her feud with Ruby Soho to an end, resulting in a street fight being scheduled for the January 13th edition of Rampage that got a lot of people talking online.

During the match, Willow Nightingale performed a sit-out powerbomb off the side of the stage, taking Anna Jay out of the match. However, the move received a lot of backlash due to Jay missing the majority of the table and landing directly on the concrete floor.

Anna Jay got hit with a power bomb from the top of the ramp straight to the floor. It hurts to watch this. #AEWRampage

But what went wrong? What led to Anna Jay taking one of the nastiest bumps in AEW history? Speaking on the "Keepin' It 100" podcast, Disco Inferno believes that Anna is to blame as she shouldn't have agreed to the spot in the first place.

“Anna Jay for not saying ‘we’re not doing that bump the table’s not wide enough.’ At some point there needed to be some common sense there. Like this is just one table, the width of the one table there’s no way that could support the distance from the back of Willow’s a** to the top of Anna Jay’s head. Like I’m looking at it like ‘what are they thinking?’” [3:02-3:26]

Disco's co-host Konnan also weighed in with his thoughts on the spot, and he believes that the younger generation is rushed into these big situations when in reality, they need to listen to the veterans of the business to avoid these sorts of situations.

"Today’s generation, they’re rushed so quick and they don’t go through the territories, you know like [Disco] went through the indies and working with veterans who knew what the f**k they were doing. Everybody’s young and nobody knows what they’re doing, not nobody but a large majority, and they don’t go out of their way and sit under the learning tree and find out from the vets. There’s no substitute for experience.” [2:32-2:56]

Anna Jay is no stranger to tag team street fights in AEW

One of the reasons why fans got so excited at the announcement of Anna Jay and Tay Melo taking on Ruby Soho and Willow Nightingale in a street fight was due to what happened the last time TayJay competed in a street fight.

Jay and Melo faced Penelope Ford and The Bunny at the 2021 "New Year's Smash" edition of Rampage, which was seen as a late contender for the best women's match of 2021.

TayJay picked up the victory after Anna choked The Bunny unconscious while having her arm wrapped in barbed wire. Jay did attempt to do the same in the most recent match but wasn't lucky since Ruby and Willow walked out of the KIA Forum as the winners.

Are you a fan of the level of violence in the AEW women's division? Let us know in the comments section below!

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