"Adolescent kid about this s*it" - Wrestling legend slams AEW executive for comments following Vince McMahon's WWE retirement

Vince McMahon (left) and AEW and WWE logos (right).
Vince McMahon (left) and AEW and WWE logos (right).
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Jim Cornette criticized AEW President Tony Khan's recent comments following Vince McMahon's WWE retirement.

Last Friday, McMahon announced that he's officially stepping away from WWE after a 40-year tenure as CEO and chairman, amidst his ongoing misconduct investigation. Following that, on Twitter, Khan seemingly took a swipe at Vince by saying he's now pro wrestling's "longest-tenured CEO."

Cornette gave his thoughts on it in the latest installment of The Jim Cornette Experience. The WWE legend felt that Khan couldn't help but act immature and that the latter's recent tweets were unintelligent.

"But Tony can't help but being of adolescent kid about this s*it. Of all the things he could have said, that just comes off so stupid and childish," [from 2:00 - 2:14]

Cornette then gave a reality check to the AEW President about running a wrestling promotion for over multiple decades.

"I'm sorry Tony, but when you can brag about being a CEO 40 years or whatever, then that's something to brag about. But just because the other guy quit running and there's nobody else in the race doesn't really make you goddamn a f**king superstar," [from 2:37 - 2:57]

Check out the latest episode here:


AEW President Tony Khan clarified his recent tweet with regards to Vince McMahon's WWE exit

During the ROH Death Before Dishonor media scrum, when asked about the meaning of his "longest-tenured CEO" tweet, Tony Khan responded by saying that he was only alluding to his Friday show, Rampage, and nothing else.

"I was referencing AEW Rampage is on and just a fact. Of the big, major companies, of what I would consider The Big Three, I am the longest tenured. [NJPW President Takami] Ohbari and now there is a new CEO there [in WWE]. If you consider it pro wrestling, then I think it's a fair statement. I thought it was a factual statement, a note to promote Rampage, but that's all it was."
Thanks to you wrestling fans and your great support of @AEW, Iā€™m grateful to now be the longest-tenured CEO in pro wrestling.Thank you very much to every single person who watches @AEWonTV! See you for Friday Night #AEWRampage on @[email protected] 10pm ET/9pm CT/10pm PT*TONIGHT*!

With McMahon stepping away, it will be interesting to see if Khan will capitalize on making AEW the number one wrestling company in the United States for the foreseeable future.

What are your thoughts on Jim Cornette's criticism of Tony Khan's comments following Vince McMahon's retirement? Sound off in the comments section below.

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